2022 Texas Baseball Wins Super Regional Goes to Omaha (photo Texas Athletics)

Texas Baseball 38 Omaha after win over East Carolina, 11-1

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Ivan Melendez scores Coach Pierce Low Five
Texas Baseball Ivan Melendez rounds third base going home to score, coach Pierce congratulates him on the way home. (photo Texas Athletics)

This is your pilot speaking, "We have turned on the seatbelt sign. Buckle up, we are landing in Omaha."

GREENVILLE, NC - In a winner take all Game 3 of the Super Regional that earns a ticket to play in the 2022 College World Series, No. 9 Texas Baseball defeated No. 8 East Carolina, 11-1. A baseball game that started an hour late at 5:06 P.M. due to weather, and concluded just before 2:00 A.M. on Monday morning.

First inning was stopped just 19 minutes into the game, but not before Texas put up four runs when, for his 32nd time, Ivan Melendez hit a home run over left field that scores Douglas Hodo III and Eric Kennedy, then Skyler Messinger hit an RBI single that scored Murphy Stehly.

The Heavens opened and poured for the next 4 hours and 50 minutes. The field had to be tarped and because there was so much rain, talk of bringing in a helicopter to dry off the field was mentioned.

When play resumed at 10:15 P.M., Texas had only one out; it was still the first inning.

Tristan Stevens found out Sunday morning in a text from coach that he was chosen to be the starting pitcher in Game 3. It was Stevens' first start since April 30. He would allow East Carolina to score once and that is it.

Stevens pitched an outstanding six innings, faced 26 batters, threw 101 pitches (62 strikes 61%), struck out five, allowed one run, five hits, and walked only three.

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Getting close the midnight hour, or the second inning, Texas scored more, more, more adding five additional runs. Trey Faltine, Douglas Hodo III, and Eric Kennedy singled, driving home Faltine. Ivan Melendez was intentionally walked giving Texas a based loaded situation with Murphy Stehly at the plate.

Stehly doubled to center scoring Hodo III and Kennedy. Austin Todd brings Melendez home on a sacrifice fly to center and Skyler Messinger singled home Stehly for the fifth run of the inning. Texas would batter through the entire lineup in the second.

Trey Faltine at the top of the fifth, first pitch, sends the ball over the wall (15th on the season) in left field to pad the lead 10-1. Faltine's mom shared a touching picture of Trey when he was a little boy of five years old playing little league.

Trey Faltine at 5 yrs old
Trey Faltine at 5 years old from his mom's twitter.
Trey Faltine
Trey Faltine batting at 2022 Super Regionals (photo Texas Athletics)

Top of the ninth, Silas Ardoin at the plate, he smashes the ball over right field for his 12th home run of the season giving Texas a commanding lead 11-1.

Texas Longhorns Baseball To Omaha
Texas Baseball is going to their 38th College World Series (photo Texas Athletics)
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