Texas Baseball hosts Houston Baptist

Starting lineup Texas Baseball
Texas Baseball vs Houston Baptist (photo courtesy Texas Athletics)

AUSTIN, Texas - Texas Baseball hosts Houston Baptist at UFCU Disch-Falk Field. Texas coming off difficult three-game loss over the weekend to Oklahoma State that found Texas dropped from the Top 10.

FINAL - Texas: 13 | HBU: 3


7th Inning - 3⬆️3⬇️ - GAME OVER

Changes for Texas...Gavin Kash for Melendez at 1b. Austin Todd to dh. Jack O'Dowd to 3b. 7th pitcher on night #57 Lebarron Johnson now on mound. Top of 7th

Bottom of 6th - 3⬆️3⬇️

#44 Austin Todd pinch hitting or dh Silas Ardoin, strikes out looking. #27 Jake O'Dowd pinch hitting for Skyler Messinger...to the warning track for O'Dowd, but caught for out 2. Mitchell Daly grounds out to 2b.

6th Inning

Texas brings in #39 Travis Sthele to pitch. Daniel Budke hit by pitch. Chumley singled up middle to center field. Trinidad walks. (bases loaded, no outs) Fremin grounds to Sthele who throws it to home for out #1, then to Melendez at 1b for out #2 Double play. davila walks. Woods grounds out to shortstop Trey Faltine.

Bottom of 6th

Left fielder #28 Ace Whitehead singles up the middle. Ivan Melendez doubles to left, Stehly hit by pitch, Silas Ardoin hit by pitch, Whitehead scores. Sklyer Messinger walks, Melendez scores. Mitchell Daly hit by pitch. Trey Faltine hits a shot to left that looked like an HR, but was caught for out 1. Douglas Hodo III strikes out swinging. Ace Whitehead hits a double that hugs the 3rd base line, brings in Schuessler. Melendez intntionally walks. Murphy Stehly flies out to left field for out 3. What an inning.

5th Inning - 3⬆️3⬇️

Logan Letney hard single just off glove of Trey Faltine into left field. Jake Miller hits a fast hard liner directly to shortstop Trey Faltine who then almosts throws out runner at first. Ortize grounds out to Trey Faltine.

Bottom of 4th

Ivan Melendez singles to left center. Murphy Stehly hits hard grounder pass pitcher, off 2b glove in to center. Melendez to 3rd. Silas Ardoin hits to shortstop, fielders choice to 2b, but dropped, Stehly safe at 2b, Melendez scores. 3b #5 Skyler Messing grounds out to 2b, though it's under review if Ardoin was tagged out as he went to 2b. Dylan Campbell reaches on fielders choice, advances to 2b, Ardoin to 3b, Stehly out at home. (runners at 2nd & 3rd, 2 outs) Kimble Schuessler walks. Trey Faltine walks, Ardoin scores. Douglas Hodo III pops up to left field for out 3.

4th Inning

Texas brings in right-hander #88 Andrew Duplantier II to pitch. Ortiz flies out, Edwards {{STRIKES OUT}}, Chumley walks, Sanford walks, Roccoforte singled to right, Chumley scores. Originally called out, but after review called safe.

Bottom of 3rd

#5 Skyler Messing goes 3-2 and strikes out looking. rf #* Dylan Campbell walks (BBBB). c #10 Kimble Schuessler strikes out (out 2). #0 Trey Faltine walks. Douglas Hodo III walks. (bases loaded, 2 outs) left-fielder #28 Ace Whtehead strikes out (out 3).

3rd Inning

Texas brings in right-handed pitcher #34 Joshua Stewart to start 3rd Inning. #43 Parker Edwards {{STRIKES OUT}} looking (out 1). #32 Reed Chumley walks. Branden Sanford singles to right field. (runners on 1st & 2nd, 1 out) #7 Austin Roccaforte slow roller threw to left field, Chumley scores. #11 Diego Davila hit by pitch right in the middle of the back as he turned to shield himself. (bases loaded, 1 out). #18 Brennen Bales walks, runner (Sanford) scores. #10 Logan Letney {{STRIKES OUT}} (out 2).

Coach Pierce goes to mound, points to bullpen for #35 Tristan Stevens.

Stevens retires the side with a {{STRIKE OUT}}

Bottom of 2nd

Trey Faltine hit by pitch (ouch), then steals 2nd base. Douglas Hodo III walks. Ace Whitehead strikes out looking. Ivan Melendez walks. - [bases loaded, 1 out] - Murphy Stehly mile high popup to 1b, caught just inside baseline (out 2). Silas Ardoin makes it to first on fielder's choice, but Melendez out at 2b for out 3.

2nd Inning - 3⬆️3⬇️

Logan Letney grounds out to Trey Faltine (out 1). #6 Jake Miller {{ STRIKES OUT }} (out 2). Kevin Ortiz fouled out (out 3).

Bottom of 1st

Douglas Hodo III bunts (safe), Ace Whitehead bunts (safe), Ivan Melendez doubles, two runs score, Murphy Stehly {{{ HOME RUN }}}. Silas Ardoin walks. Skyler Messinger flies out to right field (out 1). Dylan Campbell strikes out (out 2). Kimble Schuessler flies out to center (out 3).

1st Inning

{Top of the order} cf #7 Austin Roccaforte fly ball to deep right-center (out 1). ss #11 Diego Davila grounds out to 3b (out 2). 1b #18 Brennen Bales {{STRIKES OUT}} swinging (out 3)

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