Texas Basketball – Jonathan Holmes Leading by Example

John Holmes is averaging 13.1 points, 7.4 rebounds per game while shooting 51.2 percent from the field.

It is safe to say that the Texas Longhorns have been one of college basketball's biggest surprises. They have won some big games and have settled into the top 25, currently ranking 19.

Recently, Rick Barnes and Longhorn Basketball team gathered in the film room. These are the sessions where Coach Barnes will go over game tape, highlighting the things that the team is doing well and the things that they need to improve on.

2023 Texas Longhorns Football Season Tickets

There is one name has been showing up in these film sessions more and more, and for all the right reasons. That name is Jonathan Holmes.

Holmes is taking it all is stride. When Coach Barnes recently highlighted a play in which

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James Schleicher

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