Texas Football’s Battle for the Belts (Week 3)

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The "Battle for the Belts" (an off-season strength and conditioning program) continues with another week of hardcore competition among teammates.  For those that don't know about the Battle for the Belts, what we have here is essentially a Longhorns Football strength and conditioning competition where a belt is awarded to a winner in each weight class.

Each week a lightweight, middleweight and heavyweight champion are determined through whatever crazy set of strength and conditioning drills Coach Pat Moorer can think of. If it looks grueling, it's because it is. These are top tier athletes being pushed to complete exhaustion.

In this week's Battle for the Belts, competitors had to complete 500 meters rowing, a 2x4 push, kettle bell walk, pulling a heavy bag and throwing a fade ball into a net. No big deal...

Check out the video below.

James Schleicher

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