Texas losses to OSU 32-24 in another fourth quarter battle

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AUSTIN, Texas — Texas loses to OSU 32-24 even though they put up 317 total yards offense in 60 plays while possessing the ball for 26:17 minutes. Texas held a lead until the fourth quarter when OSU scored 16 points to Texas going scoreless.  OSU put up 398 yards of total offense in 82 plays while possessing the ball for 33:43 minutes in front of a crowd of 99,916 at DKR.

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Texas vs OSU Game Update

The game, when compared to last week's game, seemed slower and more methodical. Maybe the touchdown on the kickoff against OU set the first half tone 

Coach Sarkisian commented at the postgame presser saying, “There have been two weeks in a row where we’ve played pretty well. Something happens in the game; we end up throwing a pick-six with an opportunity to go up 24-3, which makes it a 17-10 game. We had the opportunity to score at the start of the second half and get the stop. We have a really poor series backed up. To go where we want to go as a team, we can’t just hold on. We can’t think to just hold on because a couple of things don’t go our way. We have to think that something good is right around the corner and the only way it will show itself is if we execute our jobs really well.”

Bijan Robinson commented at the player media availability saying, "I was trying to keep everyone pretty positive because the game wasn’t over. I just tried to understand that we are still in this game and that we shouldn’t let any trial get in the way of that. As positive as we can be, I try to keep that in the huddle no matter what the situation is throughout the game."

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We asked Robinson if the absence of Jordan Whittington, Jack Majors, DeMarvion Overshown had an impact on the players. He said yes, most certainly.

Defensive lineman #98 Moro Ojomo commented on stopping a direct snap saying, "What I can tell you is that me, this defense and this team, we’re going to come back, we’re gonna work, we’re gonna pick our heads up as men; that’s what we should do. That’s what we should do. So, we’re gonna pick our head up, we’re gonna work as hard as we can possibly work and try to represent this university the right way, the way this university should be represented.”

Texas has a bye week and they heads North to Wace to play Baylor on Oct 30. The time has not been determined yet.

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