Texas vs Wyoming 31-10 Game Recap

Texas Longhorns football #24 Jonathon Brooks 61-yard run against Wyoming.

Texas Longhorns sophmore running back #24 Jonathon Brooks from Halletsville, TX on his 61-yard run that setup a Texas touchdown. (photo Don Bender / Horns Illustrated)

One week Texas showed their hand when they played Alabama revealing just how good they were at taking down one of the dynasties. Against Wyoming the following week, Texas, while victorious 31-10, did not look like the team who played Alabama.

Texas called their ‘efficiency package,’ a name we coined when Texas mounts a series of drives that are flawless and result in quick succession touchdowns over a short period of time.

In the fourth quarter and the score tied 10-10, the game was going nowhere. Basically, a back and forth punting contest.

Package One: Quinn Ewers to Xavier Worthy for a 44 yard touchdown that took four plays, one minute and a second, and 75 yards to execute.

Package Two: You could rename this the Jonathon Brooks series...Read more plus...field level photos during the game and more.

Terry Middleton

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