That’s what friends are for

Jake Majors Bijan Robinson
photo courtesy of Texas Athletics

One of life's greatest gifts is a friend. A friend to laugh and talk with, who can tell how you are doing by just looking at you or hearing your voice. Life is better because of that friend who knows you so well, thinks you are a superstar, and you are, in part, because of that friend.

That friend puts wind in your sails, they keep you grounded, hold you to a higher standard, and makes sure you don't go out of bounds. Some friends you go through life's battles with and some you play football with.

During Monday's media availability with players, Horns Illustrated asked Bijan Robinson if there was such a friend.

"Bijan is there a player or maybe somebody outside the locker room who is, I call them the unsung hero, somebody who puts a wind in your sails week in and week out? That, you know we never get to see him, never get to hear about him, but they're super important to you?"

Robinson answered,

"You know i will say like somebody on the team Jake Majors just the guy that always keeps me you know just locked in on the field you know, he's always just around me looking at me, looking at my demeanor, my intentions, you know, I usually just smile and stay quiet on the field or even off the field. But you know, he just looks at me and he's like, are you alright? Are you good? You need anything, you need to talk? Just always just make sure that you know, I'm in the moment and always wrapped around, you know, positive and good, good mentality things."

Bijan Robinson in his own words.

Photos of Jake Majors staying close to his friend Bijan Robinson keeping his eyes on him all the way to the goal always having his back. Photos courtesy of Texas Athletics.

Come to a game, does not matter what game; football, basketball, volleyball, tennis, swimming, soccer, golf, or rowing. Come early, be loud, and stay late. Bring your family and friends. You'll be glad you did. Hook'em!

Jake Majors 2021
photo courtesy Texas Athletics
Bijan Robinson
photo courtesy Texas Athletics
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