The Great Debate: Earl Campbell or Ricky Williams?

Earl Campbell Ricky WilliamsIn the opening montage played at Texas football games, a herd of Longhorns stampede to Darrell K Royal Memorial Stadium. Before entering the stadium, two statues fire lightning bolts (presumably the magic kind, not the real kind that can kill you) at the herd and the Longhorns miraculously morph into football players. The graphics are Toy Story-era, gen-2 CGI, and it’s a little hokey. But the crowd almost always goes wild, which might explain why it’s become more or less a staple at home games.

If you’ve never had the pleasure of seeing this on the Godzillatron at DKR, you may be wondering who the two players are that fire their football magic in the form of lightning bolts at the herd of Longhorns. Well, there’s a litany of ex-Longhorns whose football pedigrees we only wish we could bottle up and serve to David Ash in the form of maple syrup for his blueberry pancakes. Vince Young, Colt McCoy, James Street, Noble Doss, Bobby Layne, and Tommy Nobis are all examples of the Longhorns’ deep and rich history. Cutting such a list of great players down to two would be an exercise in futility. However, there are two players whose accomplishments separate them from the herd, Earl Campbell and Ricky Williams.

Both Campbell and Williams won the Heisman their senior  

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