The King’s Gambit: Steve Sarkisian

Remember who you are dealing with. Steve Sarkisian, considered by his peers and former players, as one of the best quarterbacks coaches and play callers in college football.

The Texas Longhorns travel to good ol’ Lubbock, Texas to play the ever loving Texas Tech Red Raiders. Known for their excellent tortilla hurling, fans do not like Texas very much and for good reason. Texas usually wins, by a lot, but not always. 

In the overall series, which may be the last time they play each other for a while — so enjoy it while it lasts, Texas is 54-17 over Texas Tech.

However, that does not mean anything.

Sarkisian says of the game, “I really think every game takes on a personality and a life of its own and you never know how games are gonna go. You never know.” Sarkisian’s comments are very true, however you have to wonder what Sarkisian is thinking and how he game plans?

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Consider some facts. Sarkisian does not like, even when pressed, to reveal who his starting quarterback is. He waited until the last moment to reveal Quinn Ewers was QB1, then after Ewers went down and Hudson Card got banged up, nobody knew who would be under center for the UTSA game until the first play and Card ran out on the field.

Everyone thought Charles Wright would be under center. Wright was the natural next in line and was ready with the full support of Sarkisian and all the players. Roschon Johnson also played quarterback running a wildcat and did so with outstanding results.

Sarkisian can get into your head real quick.

Going into the Texas Tech game still nobody has a clue who the quarterback will be. When asked in his Monday LHN news conference about which quarterbacks were traveling to Lubbock, Texas and do they know who is starting, this is Sarkisian’s answer.

Sarkisian at Thursday press conference answering about what quarterbacks are going to Lubbock, Texas and if they new who will be the starting quarterback. (video of chess by Tima Miroshnichenko: / Sarkisian from Zoom Texas Athletics / Horns Illustrated)

Notice he never mentions Ewers, Card, or Wright, but spends all his time talking about Maalik Murphy. Texas can only bring 70 players and four of those players will be quarterbacks, but again, WHO WILL THE QUARTERBACK BE for the game?

Only Sarkisian knows and he is not saying.

When Sarkisian first got to Texas, we asked him about what he looks for in a quarterback. He responded — and this is important — that as a player he played cerebral and he teaches his quarterbacks and team to play cerebral.

We then have to conclude that he coaches cerebral, which means he is out thinking his opponent, much like a game of chess, and knows the most important position on the field is quarterback, so up until the snap of the ball, he will not let anyone know who is under center.

Bijan Robinson commented after the UTSA game, “He’s a genius.”

Bijan Robinson after UTSA game and running his breakout 78 yard run. (photos and video Ron Parks / Horns Illustrated)

Terry Middleton

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