The Longhorns are Still Fighting for a Ticket to Phoenix

Jefftcoat-WVu_12_DB_H7I4756Texas’ hopes of going to the Fiesta Bowl did not flee with their loss to Oklahoma State. The truth is Texas has an opportunity to punch a ticket to Phoenix no matter what happens in tonight’s game between Baylor and Oklahoma State.

Of course, Baylor has the inside track to win the Big 12 title and play in the Fiesta Bowl, as they control their own destiny. However, the irony is, with a Baylor victory tonight the Longhorns will find themselves in the same position.

Not that this is any cause for a pep rally in Baylor’s honor, but a Baylor victory tonight would make the Longhorns’ fading hopes of going to a BCS Bowl bright again.

With a Baylor win, Oklahoma State, who is the only Big 12 team that holds the tie break against Texas (thanks to last week’s game), will now have two conference losses and will be out of the Big 12 title picture. If Texas defeats Texas Tech on Thanksgiving, this will set up a de facto Big 12 title game Dec. 7 against Baylor (this will occur even if Baylor manages to lose to TCU next Saturday).

On the flip side, if Oklahoma State defeats Baylor, then Longhorn nation will have to swallow their pride and become Sooner fans for a day. Since the Cowboys already have one loss in the Big 12, a loss to their in-state rivals on the first Saturday of December will give them two conference losses, and if Texas wins out, they will be the Big 12 representative at the Fiesta Bowl.

Of course, one must remember, this is all to get Texas to the Fiesta Bowl. In order to tie for a Big 12 title, Texas simply has to defeat the Red Raiders and the Bears in their final two games of the season. This will ensure there are no undefeated teams in the Big 12 and a tie will be seemingly imminent. Then again, a Big 12 title won’t feel like a Big 12 title without a BCS berth.

In all scenarios to get Texas to that coveted BCS bowl, there is one constant: Texas must win their final two games of the season. So, get your Horns up Texas fans, the Big 12 playoffs are still in full force.

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Brian Kendall

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