Uniswag Horns Illustrated Edition: Football Practice Jerseys

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By Skye Tilson - Uniformswag

Welcome to the first article of “UniSwag Horns Illustrated Edition”. Uniswag will highlight best parts of the University of Texas sports gear throughout the year. In this first article we want go ahead and highlight one of the coolest parts of the Longhorns football team’s gear that you may never have heard of or seen, the practice jersey.

The Longhorns have three different practice jerseys that slant slightly more to the unconventional side than their game jerseys. The practice jerseys come in three different colors: Burnt Orange, Black, and White. The base colors of the jerseys then get mixed and matched with one of the other two colors for the sleeves and the numbering. The coaching staff, equipment crew and Nike collaborated and came up with this idea when approached by the players to do something different with their jerseys. Texas decided that making unique practice jerseys would provide a great way to keep their traditional look on the field for games but give the players a little more flare during practice.

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A very minimal but prideful “Eyes Of Texas” lettering comes stitched on the back of the necks of each jersey. Just because it’s a practice jersey doesn’t mean it’s anything but the latest and greatest in uniform technology. One of Nike’s most up-to-date and innovative jerseys, it features a venting system on the backside of the jersey that allows the player to get extreme breathability while wearing it.
This jersey looks great on Longhorns and the perfect compromise for both the fans who enjoy the traditional Texas look and the players who like to switch it up and try something new.

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