Up-Tempo: The Texas Longhorns’ Offense in 2013


There has been plenty of talk about the up-tempo offense that the Texas Longhorns will bring to the field in 2013. They want to be fast, full-throttle, pedal to the metal ... whatever you want to call it. The plan is to wear down opposing defense with a tempo that their energy level can not match.

Programs like Oregon and Oklahoma have proven that with a fast pace offense is clicking, it is big trouble for opposing players and coaches. The players can't catch their breath while coaches struggle to get their defensive plays in. It can be very overwhelming.

But while the offense is designed to wear down defenses, the pace can be hard on the offense as well. Texas players say the biggest adjustment has been making sure they’re in good enough shape to handle the new demands.

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While the team went through a tough offseason conditioning program, senior wide receiver Mike Davis said the offense is hardest on the lineman, all of whom weigh at least 300 pounds. After crashing against

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James Schleicher

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