UTweets: A Look at the Longhorn Twitterverse

Mike Davis Image
You can't read receiver Mike Davis' poker face. Trust us. (Photo Credit: Elisabeth Dillon)

If you want a look inside the world of an athlete or analyst, there are few better ways to get there than through an observation of their Twitter account. It's with this in mind that we bring UTweets, a weekly guide to the top Tweets from all those connected to the University of Texas.

Texas receiver Mike Davis drops a poker face that would make Lady Gaga jealous in a selfie pic with Texas quarterback David Ash.


Matthew Mcconaughey really wants to see the Xgames in Austin. Alright, Alright. We wonder if he played Tony Hawk's Pro Skater back in the day.

Texas soccer's Kelsey Shimmick shows the world the team's version of the "Harlem Shake" as onlooking children rejoice. Oh, viral video dances.

Texas track athlete Kiersten Duncan, like many before her, still thinks The Matrix is mind-blowing. Keanu Reeves approves this message.


Oklahoma City forward Kevin Durant sends some love to one of the greatest point guards of all time on a coaching move.

Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Derrick Johnson considers reversing his NBA Finals prediction. Go Spurs go!

Indianapolis Colts defensive end Corey Redding takes a photo before the ribbon cutting ceremony of the Indianapolis Colts/Cory Redding Foundation room at the Ronald Macdonald's House. Bravo, good sir.

Incoming freshman pitcher Kacy Clemens understands that if you're going to golf, the best way to hit a driver is in the game's birthplace.


Texas football's Jalen Overstreet takes us back to grammar school.

Texas quarterback Connor Brewer needs some tissues after seeing Game of Thrones. Us too, Connor. Us too.


If you've got a Tweet from a member of the University of Texas community you want to see included in UTweets, email us at Adam@playmakeronline.com

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