UTweets: A Look at the Longhorn Twitterverse (Bevo Loves Adam Sandler)

Bevo Texas Longhorns
When Bevo's not roaming near the end zone, he's apparently getting his Happy Gilmore fix,,,and has found a way to Tweet using hooves.

If you want a look inside the world of an athlete or analyst, there are few better ways to get there than through an observation of their Twitter account. It’s with this in mind that we bring UTweets, a weekly guide to the top Tweets from all those connected to the University of Texas.

Who knew that Bevo was an Adam Sandler fan?


Mike Davis is a master of alliteration and offers up his 5 P's of Life...with a few extra P's for good measure.

Derrick Johnson reveals a childhood picture and takes us back to the days of Bobby Brown haircuts.

Jordan Shipley endorses his favorite BBQ spot in Austin.

Just when you thought the love for Betty White and Bea Arthur had faded, former Texas women's basketball player Chelsea Bass brings them back in!

It's belated but worth noting. Matthew McConaughey shows love for Texas great Darrell Royal and recommends a documentary about him.

Desmond Jackson appears ready to head to the Hogwarts School of Wizardry any day now.

Texas softball's Taylor Hoagland gives another reason for you to like her.

Texas baseball's Jeremy Montalbano seems like the superstitious type.

Kevin Vaccaro makes his push for Blake Shelton to come to the Forty Acres. We wonder if he's a fan of The Voice also.

James Schleicher

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