UTweets: A Look at the Longhorn Twitterverse- Justin Tucker Goes Looney Tunes

Justin Tucker Baltimore Ravens
Justin Tucker gets his off the field kicks with cartoons. Do you blame him?
If you want a look inside the world of an athlete or analyst, there are few better ways to get there than through an observation of their Twitter account. It’s with this in mind that we bring UTweets, a weekly guide to the top Tweets from all those connected to the University of Texas.

Care to take a guess which cartoon is on Justin Tucker's DV-R?

Marquise Goodwin takes a little break from preseason football to customize some kicks. We're hoping he prefers burnt orange.


If you see Joe Bergeron, maybe it's best not to call him a fullback. Seriously.

Mack Brown drops some knowledge extended by one of the coaching greats.

It's time to help Dalton Santos with some ink suggestions.

Greg Swindell is dealing with some hard times, folks.

Brooks Kieschnick shares the love for J.J. Watt.

This shouldn't come as a surprise, but Kacy Clemens wants his brother to play with the Astros. They couldn't be any worse, right?


Texas swimmer Michael McBroom catches some tasty seafood, which kind of feels like cheating when you think about it.

Taylor Hoagland's feeling the red, white, and blue with her choice of softball glove.

James Schleicher

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