What to Expect From Case McCoy

Case McCoy With the announcement that senior Case McCoy will be starting behind center, Texas fans should know exactly what they’re getting today.

McCoy is a tough-as-nails, intuitive quarterback who has natural leadership ability and can move the ball up and down the field with proficiency. It also helps to have the last name of McCoy, which is synonymous with a pedigree of greatness.

In addition, McCoy has a lot of experience taking snaps. Last year, McCoy’s lone start was in arguably the biggest game of the year against Kansas State. This game followed McCoy’s heroics in marching Texas down the field for two touchdowns in a come-from-behind win over Kansas.

The year before, McCoy started in what became the final battle against fierce rival Texas A&M. McCoy went on to stamp a win for Texas with a 25-yard run that put the Horns in comfortable field goal range. This led to kicker Justin Tucker’s 40-yard game-winning field goal.

McCoy is certainly no stranger to the big stage, so no need to worry about any knee-knocking behind center.

A closer look at McCoy’s stats reveals a highly proficient passer. In fact, McCoy’s 2012 stats look markedly similar to his brother’s.

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McCoy went 54 for 76 passing and threw for six touchdowns. This gave the then-junior quarterback a 71 percent completion rate and a quarterback rating of 169. Though this is a small sample, so is one game against Ole Miss.

Texas fans should feel relieved and lucky to have such a great second option at quarterback.