Why Twitter Analysis Shows Jerrod Heard may indeed be Texas’ QB of the Future

Picture via Twitter: Lauren Mickler (@LaurenMickler)
Picture via Twitter: Lauren Mickler (@LaurenMickler)

Texas signed 23 players last week, only one of them a quarterback, who just happened to be the highest-rated member of the recruiting class, according to rivals.com. So, naturally, Denton Guyer’s Jerrod Heard could be the 2014 commitment Longhorns fans are the most excited about.

Heard, simply being the only quarterback in the class, is seen as someone who should eventually assume a leadership position in the Texas locker room. His two state championship rings, more than 11,000 total yards and nearly 100 touchdowns aside, a quick Twitter analysis may show that Heard will be more than ready to assume that leadership role.

Below is a graphic of the aforementioned network, with each node representing a certain player and links between each node representing a connection between players where one follows the other or they both follow each other. 
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