HORNSYOU’LL FIND Pam and Joe Horn in the same seats — section 103, just underneath the luxury boxes — at nearly every Texas baseball home game. Pam began going to
Disch-Falk Field in the early 1980s and, seven years ago, she and her husband, Joe,
bought two season tickets from a friend at the Austin Yacht Club. Since then, they’ve become a part of an unofficial dry land club: the Longhorns’ baseball Super Fans. Here’s Pam’s account of their diamond experiences, as told to Horns Illustrated.
- We hit most home games. We sit in the same seats each year, near the top just underneath the luxury boxes. I like the view...

2023 Texas Longhorns Football Season Tickets

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James Schleicher

James Schleicher is the publisher of Horns Illustrated magazine. He's also a fifth generation Texan and lifelong Austinite. Follow @HornsIllus twitter to keep up with all things Horns Illustrated.