A Deeper Look at Texas Baseball’s Minnesota Road Trip

Matt Moynihan at bat versus MinnesotaThough the Minnesota Golden Gophers and Texas Longhorns have enjoyed the company of one another on various baseball fields for 89 years, the Horns had never ventured north to visit the Gophers until this three game series March 22-24th.

Apparently, all it took was the Metrodome being demolished for Augie Garrido and crew to finally make the trek for one of the last sporting events to be
held there.

One of the most fascinating parts of the entire series happened an hour or two before the opening game, when the Texas players took the field for the first time. Exiting the clubhouse and walking around the tunnel towards the third base field entrance, they walked past a map detailing the guts of the Metrodome referenced by decades of college and pro eyes alike. Upon entering the field, nearly all the players looked upward, some pointing and chatting about the lights and white canopy that has tortured outfielders of all skill levels since creation.

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While fly balls in the Metrodome have always...


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