Around The Web: Rumors Continue To Swirl About Mack Brown

Mack Brown

As Mack Brown prepared to appear before the media Thursday morning at the Alamo Bowl's preliminary press conference with Oregon head coach Mark Helfrich in San Antonio, rumors continue to churn across the internet about when the "inevitable" end to Mack Brown's career at Texas will come and who his replacement will be.

ESPN reports that "Mack Brown:Poised to Step Down".  According to the source, "...this is his decision, but he wants to tell his players and staff and not read it on the Internet."

Things must be bad when even the Sooners feel sorry for you. In his Fox Sports Southwest column "Five reasons to feel good about being a Sooner" (apparently you need a pats on the back on occasion when you root for the state to the north) writer Andrew Gilman advises Oklahoma fans to be happy they aren't Texas right now as reason number two.

"At Texas, the Longhorns have four losses, a date with Oregon and a bunch of coaching issues to sort through. It looks like Mack Brown is gone, but there's no guarantee the Longhorns get anyone better.

You don't want any business being Texas right now." - writes Gilman


Sport's Illustrated's Pete Thamel points out that even if/when the Mack Brown controversy clears up, a cloud of questions will still hang over the 40-Acres. Mack Brown may resign, but questions still loom in Texas athletics .

From Texas Monthly comes "A Season In Hell". Released prior to the Baylor game, the piece by John Spong gives an intimate look inside of the Skybox of one of Texas' biggest boosters, lawyer and friend to coach Brown, Joe Jamail. Along with anecdotes and f-bomb laden quotes, the story includes a shot across the bow to "those crybabies on the Internet".


ESPN also reported that Alabama head coach Nick Saban reportedly has had a contract on his desk since Friday which remains unsigned. Alabama offers Saban a new deal.



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