Mack Brown Addresses Job Speculation at Start of Alamo Bowl Press-Conference


Mack Brown prepare to address the media at the initial Valero Alamo Bowl press conference.  (Photo Courtesy: Max Olson/@max_olson)
Mark Helfrich and Mack Brown prepare to address the media at the initial Valero Alamo Bowl press conference. (Photo Courtesy: Max Olson/@max_olson)

At the preliminary Valero Alamo Bowl press conference in San Antonio with Oregon head coach Mark Helfrich, Mack Brown used his initial comments to address the speculation surrounding his job status.

"There's been a been a little speculation about my job situation about throughout the week, if some of you haven't noticed," Brown said. "I told with all Mark with all respect to he and Derek and the bowl game I would address it very briefly. But we're here to talk about the Alamo Bowl, these to teams and our great matchup. We're not here to talk about me. That would be wrong of me to spend a lot of time dealing with that. My situation has not changed. I've got the best president in the country in Bill Powers, he's unbelievable, he's done a tremendous job for eight years. What we did lose is an iconic Athletic Director in DeLoss Dodds, that been here 32 years, and has run the best program in the country [applause] without question. And he's been my boss for 16 years. So we've hired what I think is a great Athletic Director in Steve Patterson. I got to visit with him a little bit in New York the other day, but I haven't had time to sit down and visit with him. Anytime that your athletic director changes that changes the game. So with all due respect to him, I will sit down with he and Bill in the near future and talk about where we're going and where our program is going. I'm excited about our team and the way they fought back this year, they had more adversity than any team I've ever seen. We weren't excited to be eight and four, but we're excited about the way they fought, played and competed. And its a great message for all of us. So looking forward. I'm looking forward to my meeting with Bill and Steve, and we'll all get on the same page, and then move forward. But again I want the focus to be on these kids, and the focus to be on this bowl game, cuz that's what we're here for. And I apologize to you [Helfrich] for having to put up with this."


Mack Brown tried to avoid the subject of his job the remainder of the press conference.

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Throughout the press conference made a couple jokes and that garnered laughs from both Helfrich and the gathered media.


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