Coach Sarkisian on recruiting blue-chip players next year

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Exactly one week ago, after the loss to Kansas, we got to ask the first question of Coach Sarkisian at his weekly Monday press conference that (well, there are no words to describe) took on a life of its own.  We may share the full story one day in a podcast.

Today, however, was a new day with a new question, a quick question. What coach Sarkisian says may answer the question everyone is thinking about on recruiting, or should be thinking about. Honestly, we were not going to raise out hand first, no way. Waiting until about the halfway mark, my hand goes up and I get the mic.  Immediately, my heart starts to jump out of my chest, which never happens, and I say to myself, ‘just breathe’.

Here is my question:

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“Coach, after this difficult season that you have had in your first year, do you think it will be difficult to recruit blue-chip players next season?”

Sarkisian answered the question immediately without stopping to ponder or taking a breate.  Listen in:

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