Coach Sarkisian shines light on a new season for Texas Football

Sarkisian and team running out of tunnel
photo Texas Athletics

During Big 12 Media Days head coach Steve Sarkisian shares how Texas is doing and what is happening before the new season starts for Texas Football with all the new players, veterans and their leadership, and the preparation for going into the SEC and more.

Sarkisian shares how his former mentor Pete Carrol shared with him about taking over a program. You can either do it the way the former coach did it and will be a little easier, or do it the way you want to do it and it will be harder, but it establishes the future of the program. This is the route Sarkisian took with Texas Football.

All Gas No Brakes was the theme when Sarkisian took over and the players acknowledge that it was a whole new level of practice and expectations for the team when Sarkisian arrived.

Listen to Sarkisian at Big 12 Media Days held on July 14, 2022.

College football fans comment on Sarkisian's interview saying,

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