Their dreams came true

Next Stop - MLB
photo Horns Illustrated

For selfish reasons, we hate to see them go. Their presence on the field at UFCU Disch-Falk Field, hearing their walk-up song, standing and cheering when they got a hit or home run, pitch an amazing game, and seeing them sign their autograph for fans after the game made them superstars in the hearts of Texas Longhorns fans.

Today, they have earned their way into the "Big League". Eight Texas Longhorns players have been drafted and are now Major League Baseball players. Their dreams came true.

Edith Faltine, mom of Trey Faltine, posted on Twitter four pictures of Trey. The first picture is of Trey in 2004 holding a bat wearing a Cincinnati hat and uniform. It's Trey's rookie baseball card at the age of three. There's a Cincinnati pennant that likely hung at Trey's wall. Next is Trey's in his Texas Longhorns Baseball uniform with the words DRAFTED to the Cincinnati Reds created by the Longhorn Network.

In the hallway on the suite-level at UFCU Disch-Falk Field is quote on the wall taken from a movie. It reads, "There's no crying in BASEBALL" ~ Tom Hanks

No Crying In Baseball quote on wall at Texas Longhorns UFCU Disch-Falk Field
photo taken by Horns Illustrated

Yes there is. It is hard to not get emotional. Can you imagine how the families of the players feel. For the dad and mom who walked the journey with their son and then to hear his name called. Is there a greater gift then seeing your kid's dreams come true? Yes, there is crying is baseball.

We all celebrate when someone's dream comes true. We all are dreamers and strive to reach those dreams. It is one of the greatest human conditions. Each day we wake, battle the world, try to make a better life for ouir family and dent the universe in some way.

Today we celebrate these Texas Longhorns Baseball players who woke up from a dream to find that the dream was real.

Ivan Melendez, 2022 Golden Spikes winner and best player in the college baseball, selected 43rd overall by the Arizona Diamondbacks in the third round.

Melendez, a soft spoken humble man, once said in an interview that, "hitting home runs is hard." Yet he made it look so smooth and hit more than any other with 32 in the 2022 season.

Pete Hansen will now pitch for the St. Louis Cardinals. Hansen was selected 97th overall in the third round. Hansen was a lot of fun to interview during media interviews. He is confident, focused, humble, and you know he means business, but has sense of humor that comes out if you ask him the right question. Such as, "Do you ever communicate with a batter no verbally?" Hansen held back a smile and said, "Yeah, sometimes there is a stare down."

Silas Ardoin was next up and was picked in the fourth round as the 107th pick by the Baltimore Orioles. As a former catcher in little league, Ardoin one of my favorite player. He wears the coolest gear EVER. Seeing just how cool it is to throw a strike to second base and get the runner from the press box was awesome. Ardoin played in 69 games and was considered the best defensive catcher in the country throwing out 22 runners.

Douglas Hodo III will be Ardoin's teammate after being picked the 167th overall in the sixth round by the Baltimore Orioles. In 2022, Hodo III was lead off batter who kicked off the game. He led the nation with 26 doubles.

Trey Faltine, high school pitcher turned shortstop in college, was picked 213th overall in the seventh round by the Cincinnatti Reds. Faltine, what a class act. We will never forget the time when Texas played Texas State and a fan who had been chirping at Faltine all game long (not nicely) posted a picture of what Faltine did after the game. It was remarkable.

Faltine's answer to a fan's negative comments during the game was to sign a baseball and give it to the fan and the fan posted it on Twitter.

Murphy Stehly was picked 291st in the 10th round by the Washington Nationals. They will have a fierce competitor like no other and versatile. Stehly played right field, second base, first base, and third base this season while batting .367, led the Longhorns with 102 hits, 19 home runs, and 61 RBI.

Stehly's personal statement when he left high was was:

"At my high school, the athletic emphasis is on teamwork, sacrifice and focus. The school’s motto is “Be a champion for Christ. Be a champion with others. Be a champion on the field.” That is the attitude I will bring to my college team – a winning attitude with a strong sense of teamwork both on and off the field."

Stehly played on the Orange Coast College team coached by the late John Altobelli before coach Pierce brought him to Texas.

Jared Southard is going to the Los Angeles Angels after being selected in the 12th round 358th overall. A right-handed pitcher, Southard is from Leander, Texas just a few minutes north of UT where he played at Rouse HS. Southard pitches 41.2 innings, struck out 68, and has an ERA of 2.38.

Skyler Messinger from Niwot Colorado, just 35 miles from Coors Field, was drafted by his favorite team the Colorado Rockies in the 19th round 566th overall. Texas Baseball posted this on Twitter.

Congratulations Texas Baseball players Ivan Melendez, Pete Hansen, Silas Ardoin, Douglas Hodo III, Trey Faltine, Murphy Stehly, Jared Southard, Skyler Messinger.

Welcome to your dreams!