David Ash’s Answer to the Manziel Question

(Photo: Matt Hempel/Univ. Of Texas)
(Photo: Matt Hempel/Univ. Of Texas)

It seems like everyone these days has a opinion on Johnny Manziel. Just yesterday, former Heisman Trophy winner Ricky Williams gave his two cents on the Manziel drama. Today it was  David Ash, the starting quarterback for your Texas Longhorns touching on the subject.

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A reporter mentioned the possibility that the A&M quarterback might have to miss games this season due to an NCAA investigation, and asked Ash if he was happy he didn’t have to worry about such off-field issues. This is Ash’s answer:

“That’s a tough question. But, you know, my answer is ‘By the grace of God.’ I don’t know Johnny Manziel personally, but I do know 

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James Schleicher

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