Fan Vote: Who will Sarkisian pick as his starting QB

2022 Texas Longhorns Quarterbacks
2022 Texas Longhorns Quarterbacks. Not pictured Joe Tatum (photos Texas Athletics / graphic Horns Illustrated)

That was quick...QB1 was named today in the coolest of ways. (stay tuned). Quinn Ewers is the starting QB for Texas Longhorns.

That time is approaching fast...from the moment Quinn Ewers committed to Texas and Casey Thompson entered the transfer portal everyone has wanted to know who will be the starting quarterback for Texas. Every press conference either the first or second question is always about who head coach Steve Sarkisian is going to pick as his starting quarterback.

Sarkisian will not tell us, however the time is quickly approaching when Sarkisian makes the big announcement. Sarkisian has indicated he has an idea of when he will make the announcement, but will not tell media.

Sarkisian has put the quarterbacks into a situation where they have to compete for the starting job. According to Sarkisian it is the most important position on the field because the QB has to know not only his job, but the other players also.

When Ewers came to Texas everyone was convinced he would be the starter, however Sarkisian keeps saying that both are competing. After all, is that not the best environment to be in? Competition brings out the very best in someone. Just wait until Sep. 10 when Texas plays Alabama. The competition between Sarkisian and Saban (really Bill O'Brian) will be intense.

So Texas Longhorns fans, who do you think will be the starting quarterback?

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