Texas gets recognized in AP Preseason poll

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Texas was given 164 votes that put them just out of the Top-25 and in the Top-27; just 70 votes shy of making the Top-25 list.

Alabama received the most votes (1,566) with 54 first-place votes. Ohio State came in second-place with 1,506 votes and only six first-place votes. Georgia, who was ranked first last year, was ranked third with 1,455 votes, 3 give for first-place.

Every year since 1950, sports writers and broadcasters from around the U.S. vote on the Top-25 teams in CFB.

The rule of 85/15 is on display with media believing with their first-place votes that Alabama will completely dominate college football this season.

Paul Finebaum commented on the ESPN College Football | Get Up episode on Aug. 16 that,

"This is an absolute joke. The A.P. Poll which is about as worthless as preseason NFL football."

In fairness, Finebaum was not talking in regards to Texas' ranking and the topic was about Ohio State and Alabama.

Looking forward Sep. 10 (SAT) 11 a.m. when Texas plays Alabama at DKR in Austin, Texas.