Five Interesting Facts About BYU

Lavell Edwards Stadium 2

Whether you're in Provo for the game or doing the backyard BBQ and watching the game at home, it never hurts to know a few facts about the opponent so you can have something to talk about during the commercials. Here are five interesting facts you may not have know about BYU.

5. Mascot = Cougar

No not the type of Cougar that picks up 22 year olds at seedy bars, the kind that mauls mountain bike riders and tears them to a pulp. BYU originally had two live cougar kittens, Cleo and Tarbo, as school mascots in 1924. The kittens were chosen after David Rust, a BYU alumnus, captured a mother cougar and her three kittens in 1923.  Cosmo the Cougar has been the school’s mascot since 1953.

Cosmo the Cougar



4.  They’re an Old Team

NCAA rules give a player five years of eligibility from the first time they play in a game, and one of those years is a red-shirt year.

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