Former Longhorns find new opportunities at home and abroad

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The gym at Mercy Academy may not be anywhere near as big as the Frank Erwin Center, but Washignton said he doesn’t mind. He is not after fame or fortune like many other coaches. He sees coaching as a ministry, as a calling, and is eager to get back on the floor to help bring up the next level of talented players. Plus, he will now have the advantage of eight years coaching at a power program to add to his knowledge base. 

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“I think that for any coach that has coached at the high school level before going to college ... they coach a little bit differently,” Washington said. “They’re really good teachers, because at the high school level it is all about teaching. I think my high school experience made me a better teacher in college but then when you get to college the level of detail is more. So I am taking the same teaching philosophies that I had in college and bringing them back to high school, but with a lot more detail.”

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