No. 10 Texas Baseball vs USAFA Falcons (photo courtesy USAFA)

Game 2: No. 10 Texas Baseball hosts USAFA Falcons, Faltine wins game 12-10

Game 2: Texas Baseball vs USAFA Starting Lineup
Game 2: Texas Baseball vs USAFA Starting Lineup (photo courtesy Texas Athletics / graphics Horns Illustrated)
Trey Faltine Home Run Swing that wins game for Texas
Trey Faltine Home Run Swing that wins game for Texas (photo Texas Athletics)

AUSTIN, Texas - A unique afternoon game at UFCU Disch-Falk field. The day is perfect with temperature at 82, light breeze, and mostly cloudy. A great afternoon to enjoy Texas Baseball as they look to even the series after a tough loss in game one.

Starting pitcher for Texas is #39 right-hander Travis Sthele who has 20 innings pitched, 20 strikeouts and a 4.05 ERA.

➡️ Updated during the game...we are in the press box for today's game

Texas: 12 | USAFA: 10

Attendance 5,643

Game Summary

The best way to describe the game was like a play with many ACTS and the most epic ofith the most epic of crescendos. No. 10 Texas takes the win over UFAFA 12-10 in the bottom of the ninth with one out and a man (Mitchell Daly) on 1st. Trey Faltine takes five pitches (SBFFB) then hits a monster walk off { HOME RUN } to left field. He is swarmed at home plate by his team.

Texas had 13 hits and led the entire game until the nineth inning when USAFA tied the game on the most perfect bunt you will ever see that tied the score for USAFA.

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The game lasted four hours and three minutes. Coach Pierce was ejected, Silas Ardoin had to call the pitches, and the home plate umpire was injured by a pitch that hit is masked that sent him out of the game.


Bottom of 9th

Dylan Campbell, Mitchell Daly, Trey Faltine up...Campbell at plate...popup to ss. Daly at plate...walks. Faltine at plate...

TREY FALTINE WINS THE GAME {{{{{{{ HOME RUN }}}}}} he is swarmed at home plate. Texas: 12 | USAFA: 10

9th Inning

Aaron Nixon on the mound for Texas. Greiving home run to right center. Paul Skenes singles to right. #10 Matt Thompson pinch running for Skenes on 1b. #1 Jay Thomason at plate...(SF) grounder in between 1st and 2nd all runners safe. (runners on 1st & 2nd, no outs). Braydon Altorfer at plate...(BB) chopper to 3b Messinger throws out runner at 2nd. (USAFA has runners at the corners, 1 out) Trayden Tamiya at plate...(S) perfect bunt down the 3rd base line...runner scores (TIED)

Aerik Joe at plate...(SBSK) {{STRIKE OUT}} Top of the order #5 Sam Kulasingam at plate...hard shot back to Aaron Nixon on the mound, snags it and tosses to Melendez at 1st for out #3. WHEW!

Bottom of 8th

Murphy Stehly, Silas Ardoin, Skyler Messinger first 3 batters. Stehly...grounds out, Ardoin grounds out, Messing strikes out.

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8th Inning

Texas brings in #45 Jered Southard to pitch. Top of the order for USAFA Sam Kulasingam at plate...(BKBKS) {{STRIKES OUT}}. Blake Covin at plate (KKS) {{STRIKE OUT}} Gabriel Garcia at plate...(SBB) Pitch hits home plate umpire. New umpire behind the plate.

Garcia {{STRIKES OUT}} Swinging.

Bottom of 7th

Stretch Time! Mitchell Daly hit by first. Trey Faltine at plate...(KSFS) strike out. Top of the order #7 Douglas Hodo III at plate...(BBKK) strikes out. Austin Todd at plate...walks. Melendez at the plate...2 miles popup to 3b for out #3.

7th Inning

Texas #45 Coy Cobb still on the mound. #23 Paul Skenes at plate...(KFB) Home Run over right center (same spot as 2 other HR's for USAFA today) 3b #1 Jay Thomason at plate...(BSFB) Home Run off the Batter's Eye 418' to center. c #18 Braydon Altorfer at plate...(KSFS) {STRIKES OUT}. 2b #2 Trayden Tamiya at plate...

Pitching change for Texas #53 Luke Harrison from Friendswood, Texas. Tamiya...(BBF) grounder to ss Faltine to Melendez fo r out #2. ss #12 Aerik Joe at plate...first pitch line shot to right-field for out #3.

Bottom of 6th

Melendez singles to right, Stehly singles to right (Melendez advanced to 3rd). Silas Ardon at plate...first pitch blast to center...sacrifice fly out, scores Melendez. Messinger flied out to center.. Dylan Campbell popup for out #3.

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6th Inning

Aerik Joe at plate...grounds out to ss Trey Faltine. Kulasingam at plate...walks. (runner on 1st, 1 out). #3 Covin at plate...single to right side. (runners on 1st & 2nd, 1 out), #16 Gabriel Garcia at plate...

Coach Pierce to the mound for a discussion...#45 Coy Cobb coming to the mound. Garcia takes (BBBSF) deep ball to center (out) USAFA have runners on the corners. Jake Greiing #7 at plate...(SBB) grounds out the Mitchell Daly at 2b to Melendez for out #3.

Bottom of 5th

Leading off is lf #8 Dylan Campbell...(BBBB) Walk. #19 Mitchell Daly at plate...(B) Campbell steals 2nd base. (BF) high popup to 2nd base for out #1. At plate, #0 SS Trey Faltine...(BKBK) Faltine hits a foul that causes coach Pierce to hop-scotch to miss the ball. Faltine hit deep ball to left-field for out #2, Campbell tags and advances to 3rd.

Douglas Hodo III doubles down 3rd base line, Campbell scores. #44 Austin Todd at plate...(FBB) deep shot to center to the warning track, caught for out #3.

5th Inning

#34 Joshua Stewart still on the mound for Texas. dh #23 Paul Skenes at plate...{{STRIKE OUT}}. 3b #1 Jay Thomason at plate...(BBBSB) Walk. c #18 Braydon Altorfer at plate...first pitch hit directly to center Douglas Hodo III for our #2. 2b 32 Trayden Tamiya first pitch hit back to Joshua Stewart, throws him out at first for out #3.

USAFA #23 Paul Skenes
USAFA #23 Paul Skenes (photo USAFA)

Bottom of 4th

Lead off #17 Ivan Melendez at plate...grounds out to 3b. #14 Murphy Stehly at plate...(BBBKF) single to centerfield. #4 Silas Ardoin at plate...(BKKFB) deep ball to right-field for out #2. Skyler Messing at plate...(BF) grounder to deep 2nd base for out #3.

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4th Inning

Texas has a new pitcher #34 Joshua Stewart. Joe singles, Sam Kulasingam signles, Covin and Garcia both {{STRIKE OUT}} (runners on 1st and 2nd, no out) Paul Greiving line drive to send, caught, for out #3.

Bottom of 3rd

Lead off for Texas 2b #19 Mitchell Daly...grounds out to shortstop. ss #0 Trey Faltine at plate...grounder down the 3rd baseline...for a double. Top of the order #7 Douglas Hodo III at plate...popup to shallow right-field for out #2. #44 Austin Todd at plate...(BK) grounded out.

3rd Inning

#39 Travis Sthele still on the mound for Texas. 1b #5 Sam Kulasingam slow grounder to first, Melendez tosses to Sthele for out #1. cf #3 Blake Covin at plate...(BSKFB) hit single up middle to center. lf #16 Garbriel Garcia at plate...(KS) line shot to deep right-center off the wall for a double. runner scores. rf #7 Jake Greiving at plate...(BSKFBB) home run over the right-center fence.

dh #23 Paul Skenes belts first pitch to left-center for a single. David Pierce to mound for a discussion.

3b #1 Jay Thomason at plate....(B) home run off the wall in center for another 2 runs. c #18 Braydon Altorfer at plate...(KBS) high popup just off plate foul. Ardoin under it and catches it for out #2. 2b Trayden Tamiya hits first pitch high to first base, ball drifting...Melendez tracking it, almost collides with runner, misses, and catches the ball for out #3. Whew!

Bottom of 2nd

USAFA brings Stohr in to pitch. For Texas lf #8 Dylan Campbell at plate...(BF) hit by 1st. 2b #19 Mitchell Daly at plate...(KBK) Campbell steals 2nd base, ball overthrown, advances to 3rd base. (K) ground er down 3rd base line just inside the bag to the corner of left field. Campbell scores, Daly gets a double ss #0 Trey Faltine at plate...(BBBK) singles to left-field, Daly scores, Faltine to 2nd base on throw. cf #7 Douglas Hodo III at plate...(BKBFBB) walk. (runners at 1st and 2nd) dh #44 Austin Todd at plate...(no outs) (BB) semi deep pop up to center for the out. Runners tag and safe on 3rd and 2nd. (1 out).

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USAFA has a pitching change...#32 Kyle Moates.

1b #17 Ivan Melendez line shot to 2b for out. rf #14 Murphy Stehly at plate...(BBBB) (bases loaded, 2 outs) c #4 Silas Ardoin at plate...(K) off the wall in right-field - double for Ardoin and 3 runs score. Skyler Messinger hits a single to left-field, scores Ardoin.

2nd Inning

Leading off 3b #1 Jay thomason at plate...(BBBS) towering 394' shot to center...Hodo III to the wall, caught for out #1. c #18 Braydon Altorfer at plate...line drive single to left-center. (runner on 1st, 1 out). 2b 32 Trayden Tamiya at plate...(KBBFF) grounds out to Sthele. Altorfer advances to 2nd. ss #12 Aerik Joe at plate...(BFF) grounder to 2b Daly to Melendez for out #3.

Bottom of 1st

Top of the order cf #7 Douglas Hodo III at plate...(SBB) blooper to center field for a hit. Hodo III on first. dh #44 Austin Todd at the plate...(shows bunt, pulls back - SBBB - swing - deep center at the warning track, bounces off the glove (HOWEVER umps are reviewing because it appears Todd ran past Hodo in the baseline) both runners are SAFE. (runners on 1st & 2nd, no outs ) 1b #17 Ivan Melendez at plate...(BB) slow grounder to 3b, steps on base, then throws Melendez out at 1b (double play) Hodo III stays on 2nd.

rf #14 Murphy Stehly takes first pitch and sends it out of the park 391' {{ HOME RUN }}. Hodo III scores too. c#4 Silas Ardoin hit by pitch. 3b#5 Skyler Messinger at plate...(SBFFBBS) Strikes out looking.

1st Inning

Top of the order: 1b #5 Sam Kulasingam at plate...(BB - Home Run - ouch). cf #3 Blake Covin at plate...(BSF) slow grounder to deep short stop, long throw off balance for Faltine, Covin safe on 1st. lf #16 Gabriel Garcia hits first pitch foul to 3b Messinger for out #1. rf #7 Jake Greiving at plate...(BFSFB) line drive to left field, caught for out #2. dh #23 Paul Skenes at plate...(BBFFB) grounder to 3b Messinger to Melendez at 1st for out #3.

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Sthele threw 21 total pitches, faced 5 batters.

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