Texas Baseball plays United States Air Force Academy

#17 Ivan Melendez hits 17th {{ HOME RUN }} 420' off Batter’s Eye
#17 Ivan Melendez hits 17th {{ HOME RUN }} 420' off Batter’s Eye (photo courtesy Texas Athletics)

AUSTIN, Texas - No. 10 Texas Baseball hosts the United States Air Force Academy in the first ever meeting between the two teams. The Air Force Academy is located just north of Colorado Springs, CO and sits up against the Rocky Mountains. Official attendance for the game 5,934.


USAFA: 14 | Texas: 2

Game Summary

United States Air Force Academy baseball was too much for Texas, scoring eight runs by the end of the second inning. They would score again in the sixth and put the game out of reach when they put an additional five runs on the board in the eight inning giving them 14. Texas had six hits and two runs.

Ivan Melendez had the games highlight for Texas with a solo massive {{ HOME RUN }} 420' to center field. Douglas Hodo III scored Texas' only other run in the fourth inning.

Texas sent seven pitchers to the mound; Justin Eckhardt, Luke Harrison, Lebarron Johnson, Andre Duplantier II, Daniel Blair, Coy Cobb, and Zane Morehouse. Eckhardt pitched one inning and will take the loss.

Combined, Texas faced 48 batters, threw 175 pitches (106 strikes), 11 strikeouts, gave up 14 hits, walked eight, 2 homers. Lebarron Johnson had the best night facing eight batters in two innings, threw 37 pitches (23 strikes), struck out three, allowed one hit, and no runs.

At the start of the bottom of the eight as Texas was taking the field, Eric Kennedy was heading to left field and stopped, turned around and Dylan Campbell took his place. Coach Pierce said in the postgame interview that Kennedy was being evaluated.

Bottom of 9th

Ace Whitehead pinch hitting for Messinger, out. #27 Jack O'Dowd pinch hitting for Daly...singles to center. #6 Gavin Kash pinch hitting for Faltine...singles to right field. (runners at 1st & 2nd, 1 out) #8 Dylan Campbell at plate...grounds out to 1b, runners advance. Austin Todd at plate...grounds out for final out of game.

9th Inning

#37 Morehouse on the mound for Texas. USAFA Kulasingam grounds out to Mitchell Daly. Covin at plate...grounds out to Daly. Garcia grounds out to Skyler Messinger.

Bottom of 8th

#44 Austin Todd at plate...mile high pop up to 3b for out #1. #17 Ivan Melendez at plate...walks. RF #14 Murphy Stehly at plate...strike out. C #4 Silas Ardoin at plate...walks (runners at 1st & 2nd, 2 outs) Pinch runner in for Ardoin, Constantine. Douglas Hodo III at plate...wild pitch (aka pass ball), runners advance.

8th Inning

Leading off SS #12 Aerik Joe {STRIKES OUT}, Top of order 1b #5 Sam Kulasingam hit by pitch. CF #3 Blake Covin bunts, everyone safe (bases loaded, no outs). LF #16 Garbriel Garcia at plate deep line shot off the wall in right-center for a double, bases clear. Garcia has 5 RBI on the night. RF #14 Chase Spencer grounds out to SS Trey Faltine who holds the runner at 2nd and throws to Melendez for out #1. Paul Skenes walks, Thomason singled to left (bases loaded, 1 out)

Texas Silas Ardoin tries to throw runner on 3rd out, missed, ball goes into left field. Runner scores.

Bases loaded, 1 out, Altorfer walks. Texas brings in #45 Coy Cobb to pitch.. #2 Trayden Tamiya sacrifice fly to center. Runner scores. Joe grounds out to SS Trey Faltine.

Bottom of 7th

Leading off 2b #19 Mitchell Daly...flies out to left field. SS #0 Trey Faltine at plate...slow hanging blooper to 2b who dives to catch the ball for 2ndt out. Top of the order LF #30 Eric Kennedy at plate...slow grounder to 2b for out #3.

7th Inning

USAFA 3b #1 Jay Thomason at plate...{STRIKES OUT} DH #18 Braydon Altorfer at plate...grounds out to 2b Daly to Melendez. 2b #2 Trayden Tamiya at plate....{STRIKES OUT}

Bottom of 6th

Leading off for Texas catcher #4 Silas Ardoin...grounds out to 3b. CF #7 Douglas Hodo III at plate...grounds out to 3b. Texas 3b #5 Skyler Messinger at plate...

6th Inning

SS #12 Aerik Joe leads off with a single to left field. Top of the order 1b #5 Sam Kulasingam at plate...hit by pitch. cf #3 Blake Covin walks. (bases loaded, no outs) #16 Garbriel Garcia hit by pitch.

Coach Pierce walks to mound. #36 Daniel Blair on the mound for Texas.

RF #7 Jake Greiving at plate...(bases loaded, no outs) {STRIKES OUT}. C #23Paul Skenes at plate...hits into a double play...hit to 2b Mitchell Daly to Faltine for out 2, then to Melendez on 1st for double play.

Bottom 5th

DH #44 Austin Todd at plate...grounds out to SS. #17 Ivan Melendez at plate...strikes out. #14 Murphy Stehly at plate...strikes out.

5th Inning

3b #1 Jay Thomason grounds out to 2b. DH #18 Braydon Altorfer {STRIKES OUT} . 2b #2Trayden Tamiya {STRIKES OUT}

Bottom of 4th

Douglas Hodo III hits to 3b who bobbles the ball, Hodo III safe on firs. Wild pitch, Hodo III to 2nd. Skyler Messinger grounds out to 3b. Hodo III scores. Trey Faltine hit by pitch (on what looks like his knuckles). Eric Kennedy at plate...pops up to lf for out #3.

4th Inning

#3 Blake Covin pops out to center. Gabriel Garcia walks. Jake Greiving {STRIKES OUT}. Paul Skenes at plate...{STRIKES OUT}

Bottom of 3rd

DH #44 Austin Todd at plate...grounds out to ss. #17 Ivan Melendez at plate...420' Center {{ HOME RUN }}. Murphy Stehly 1b on error (dropped ball on popup). Silas Ardoin hits into a double play.

3rd Inning

#57 Lebarron Johnson now pitching for Texas. DH #18 Braydon Altorfer walks...#2 Trayden Tamiya at plate...singles to left. (runners at 1st & 2nd, no outs) Aerik Joe hits into a double play. (runner on 3rd) top of the order for USAFA 1b #5 Sam Kulasingam at plate... {STRIKE OUT}

Bottom of 2nd

#7 Douglas Hodo III at plate...popped up to 2b. Skyler Messinger walks. #19 Mitchell Daly singles to center. (runners on 1st & 2nd, 1 out) #0 Trey Faltine at plate...strikes out. Eric Kennedy at plate...

2nd Inning

DH #18 Braydon Altorfer home run. 2b #2 Trayden Tamiya singled to left. SS #12 Aerik Joe at plate...walks (runners at 1st & 2nd, no outs)

David Pierce to mound. #53 Luke Harrison from Friendswood, Texas now on the mound for Texas.

#5 Sam Kulasingam t plate...{ BIG STRIKE OUT }. CF #3 Blake Covin at plate...walks. (bases loaded, 1 out) LF #16 Gabriel Garcia at plate...sacrifice fly to right field. Runner scores. #7 Jake Greiving singles to center. Runner scores. #23 Paul Skenes hits towering 409' 3-run HR over left-center. #1 Jay Thomason pops up to 3b for out #3.

Bottom of 1st

LF #20 Eric Kennedy at plate...pop up to left. DH #44 Austin Todd fouls out to 1b. 1b #17 Ivan Melendez at plate...line shot single (110 mph) off the bat to center. Murphy Stehly singled down rf line. Melenez to 3b. C #4 Silas Ardoin at plate...hard hit shot to 2b for third out.

1st Inning

#56 Justin Eckhardt is on the mound for Texas. Eckhardt has pitched 23.1 innings this season with 20 K's, giving up 25 hits, and an 5.40 ERA.

USAFA 1b #5 Sam Kulasingam at plate...singles to left between 2nd & 3rd. CF #3 Blake Covin walks, LF #16 Gabriel Garcia at plate...single to right field (BASES LOADED). RF #7 Jake Greiving at plate...out at first. USAFA scores first. C #23 Paul Skenes grounds out to 2b Mitchell Daly. 3b #1 Jay Thomason at plate...{STRIKES OUT}

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