Head Coach Rodney Terry Introduction

Chris Del Conte makes Rodney Terry head coach
It is official. After months of waiting, fans begging and demanding, Chris Del Conte welcomes the 26th Head Coach of Texas Men's Basketball, Rodney Terry (photo Texas Athletics)

You won more than a National Championship this year. You won our hearts

Chairman of the Board of Regents Kevin P. Eltife

Since Dec 2022 after Rodney Terry, with a moments notice, was given the whistle and asked to lead a team through the rest of the season, the entire sports world had called for Rodney Terry to be named the head coach instead of interim head coach.

There was a point long before the Big 12 Championship where it was overwhelmingly obvious that Terry had earned the head coaching title. In just about every postgame press conference Terry would be asked about it and he always remained focused on one thing, his players and getting them ready for the next game.

Terry usually respond with his take on everything and simple would say, "Live where your feet are planted." Meaning, he was not going to worry about something he could not control, but would just be the best version of himself and do the very best job he could.

During his time at the podium Terry did admit specifically prayer that he would be the named the head coach for Texas.

It was March 26, a Sunday, when the season ended for Texas Men's Basketball in the NCAA Elite Eight were Texas narrowly missed making the NCAA Final Four. Early the next day, less than 24 hours later, Texas Athletic Director Chris Del Conte changed Rodney Terry's title to 'Head Coach' with a new contract.

To make this announcement even more first class, it was Rodney Terry's birthday.

On Tuesday, Texas held a press conference to announce the man of the hour. It was not like most new hire press announcements. This was more like welcoming home a family member event. Terry's team and staff were there, his family, TJ Ford and past players attended. We got the impression that Terry was surprised to see over 100 people there to honor, welcome, and congratulate him.

Horns Illustrated had the privilege of being called upon to ask coach (excuse me, head coach) Terry a question.

We got to witness the Texas family pour out their love and support and we captured along with Texas Athletics creative team a few moments that we wanted to share. Hope you enjoy.

Chairman of the Board of Regents Kevin P. Eltife started the press conference with an opening statement that conveyed what everyone was thinking and feeling. Here's Chairman Eltife.

Here we get the chance to ask 'head coach' Terry a question. Listen in...

Rodney Terry with team before a game.
Rodney Terry has said he is a man of faith. (photo Texas Athletcs)

After the cameras were turned off and the press conference was over the celebration begin. The players gathered for a team photo. Family and friends stood next to Terry and smiled. Coach Terry made his way to the table were Craig Way was giving play-by-play to fans on the Longhorn Network and put on a headset to share and answer questions from Way.

It was there we noticed something impactful. We could see the Rolex watch that he wears on his left wrist to honor his dad and on his right finger a ring with NCAA under a center stone with the words 2003 Final Four encircling the top of the ring. This was the ring he received when Texas Men's Basketball went to the NCAA Final Four 20 years ago when Terry was an assistant under Barnes.

TJ Ford, a close friend came to support Terry. The always supportive and ever present DeLoss Dodds, Jody Conradt and Chris Plonsky were on hand.

Here are a few photos we found and took you may enjoy. #HooKEm

📷 (photos courtesy Texas Athletics and Horns Illustrated / graphic Horns Illustrated)

The best way to describe what we experiences was that Texas has fallen in love with Rodney Terry and they put on a first class event to welcome Terry home again. Two words to describe the atmosphere, Love & Joy.

Congratulations Head Coach Rodney Terry #HookEm

Head Coach Rodney Terry feeling the love from his team at his press conference.
Rodney Terry was surrounded by family, friends, colleagues, UT dignitaries, teammates and former players who celebrated him earning his new title. (photo Texas Athletics)

The next day, Rodney Terry was on a plane to Dallas to meet the No. 1 player in Texas to talk about a potential future on the Texas Men's Basketball team.

In the words of Chris Del Conte, "We are here today because a whistle was given to you on December 12th, but you took that whistle and earned it, and a reckoning is coming because of you."