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Habe on the Horns - By Steve Habel/Associate Editor

Each game in a football season is a microcosm of the 12-game grind that defines the success of a team. There are always ups and downs, and the teams that win games do so with a combination of talent, coaching and execution carried out better than their opponent.

Momentum and confidence are also thrown into the mix, sometimes pushing teams to play better than the sum of their parts at the most opportune times. When everything comes together, it’s magic – and winning football – no matter how well the opposition plays.

The Texas Longhorns football team [article-offer]


Steve Habel

Steve Habel is a senior contributing writer for Horns Illustrated. He has covered Texas sports since 1989 and was this magazine’s senior editor for 24 years. You can follow him on twitter @stevehabel .

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