How Texas’ Offense Will Capture a Big 12 Title

David AshThere’s no doubting that defense wins national titles, but a Big 12 title? Well, in a conference where the scoreboard changes more often than Lady Gaga at the VMAs, it takes a prolific offense to win football games.

Last year, the Big 12 had three teams in the top 10 in total offense and seven in the top 25. Kansas State, the defending Big 12 champs, averaged 38.8 points per contest.

Though the Longhorns have focused on improving a historically wretched defense, there’s no doubt that a Big 12 title rests on the shoulders of David Ash’s arm and Major Applewhite’s offensive schemes.

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2023 Texas Longhorns Football Season Tickets

Last season, the Longhorns averaged over 35 points per contest, an outstanding mark, but only good enough for sixth in the Big 12.

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