Longhorn Football Announces 2013 Theme

Nate Boyer smiling at a press conference
Senior deep snapper Nate Boyer (Photo: Jim Sigmon/Univ. Of Texas).

The Longhorn football had senior deep snapper Nate Boyer introduce its team theme for the 2013 season “For The Man on My Right and My Left” on Monday morning.

“Its kind of a military theme as something we say and live by as soldiers,” Boyer said. “I think it can relate a lot to the football field as well. In football you are literally lining up with guys on your right and left, and you have to be able to trust them. If you’re playing for that guy and doing your job so that he can be successful, with the understanding that if you are not doing the best you can for him, you’re basically going to fail the mission.”

As a special forces soldier who has served tours in Afghanistan, including a 90 day deployment there this summer, Boyer has first hand experience with the theme and thinks it applies well to the goals of the football team.

“In the military it’s all about the guy next to you, when you’re in a firefight, and it’s everything that you can do to keep him alive, or keep him safe so that he can do his job," Boyer said. "I nominated the theme, and the team voted on it, and agreed on it unanimously…The guys on this team understand how important it is for you to play for something bigger than yourself.”

The theme stresses accountability and Boyer says he has seen the team’s accountability to one another improve both on and off the field.

“We’ve had guys that needed to perform well in the classroom this summer, or they weren’t going to play,” Boyer said. “They had guys in their positions saying ‘look man, we freaking need you, this is important.’ And we had guys that made did really well over the summer that made A’s and B’s and hadn’t done that before.”

According to coach Mack Brown the team nominated about 10 different possible themes, but once Boyer got up and spoke about his nomination it took the majority of the votes easily.


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James Schleicher

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