Varying Reports on Mack Brown’s Future at Texas



The rumor mill has been spinning so fast regarding Mack Brown's future that it's become difficult to decipher between rumor and reality. Earlier today, it was reported by numerous blogs and would-be journalists who quote anonymous sources that Brown, who has coached Texas since 1998, is about to step down., quoting two "high-level" sources, reported that Brown and the University of Texas had already come to an agreement, and Brown will coach his last game against Oregon at the Alamo Bowl later this month.

Another article from SB Nation, which quotes 24/7 Sports’ Bobby Burton’s twitter account, says that a decision regarding Brown’s future is coming within the next 48 hours. News sources all around the nation were clamoring to break the story that Brown’s days at Texas were coming to an end. Even ESPN reported that a meeting this Thursday among the University’s board of regents would decide Brown's fate.

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However, Brown has already vehemently denied these reports and, according to CBS and SB Nation, contacted Burton via text message.

"I'm in Florida recruiting," Brown said in a text message sent to  Burton. "If I had decided to step down I sure wouldn't be killing myself down here. I have not decided to step down."

The Texas Athletics Department released this statement from Men's Athletic Director Steve Patterson. "We continue to discuss the future of Texas Football. Mack Brown has not resigned. And, no decisions have been made."

As with everything you read on the internet, it’s best to take it all with a grain of salt. However, with so many rumors in circulation, it’s difficult to ignore the noise. The fact is Texas’ powers that be have their mouths locked tighter than Fort Knox, making information difficult to come by. However, regardless of what’s being said and reported, there certainly appears to be some smoke. Whether there is a fire, we will just have to wait and see.


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