McElroy on how Texas has real chance against Alabama

Texas' left side offensive linemen
Big Humans on the left side of Texas' offensive line against ULM

Of all the commentators in the world with an opinion of Texas vs Alabama, ESPN football analyst and host of Always College Football (@AlwaysCFB) Greg McElroy is likely the most qualified to give insight to the game. After all, McElroy battled against Texas as the Alabama quarterback coached by Nick Saban.

McElroy was drafted in the NFL in 2010 and named the 20th-smartest athlete in sports after scoring a 43 out of 50 on the Wonderlic Test of intelligence.

Quinn Ewers and McElroy have a connection to their past as they both attended Carroll Senior High School in Southlake, Texas. McElroy was coached by former Texas quarterback Todd Dodge and Ewers coached by Riley Dodge, son of Todd.

(Watch video below) McElroy said if Texas can do three things … they will have a real chance of keeping it close if ...

  1. Quinn Ewers remains upright and pushes the ball down field
  2. Steve Sarkisian will have to make big plays - This is going to be huge.
  3. Texas will need to create big, explosive offensive plays.

Greg McElroy commented on ESPN College Football, "They are going to have to create big, explosive offensive plays, and if they can do that, I think they have a real chance of keeping it close, but in order to do that you have to protect your quarterback against the best pass rushers in the America and that is going to be difficult to do."

While everyone has the odds in Alabama’s favor, there is a healthy respect that Sarkisian and the Texas Longhorns have the ability to conquer the No. 1 college football team, though it will not be easy.

The game will be a real Texas Fight.

Terry Middleton

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