Why No. 1 Alabama vs Texas is a big deal game

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Before the start of the season the talk of No 1 Alabama coming to Texas was on a slow boil, then the burner was turned past 10 and we have been in a full boil all week long. The common theme talked about even on the national level is how No. 1 Alabama is a 20 point favorite over Texas.

Why is THIS game getting so much hype if Alabama is supposedly going to crush Texas by 20 points? Great question.

For both teams, this game means nothing in terms of their conference standings.

Well, there are a few little things like the last time these two teams met it was in 2010 for the National Championship, Alabama is 1-7-1 against Texas and has never won at DKR. Saban is 25-2 against former assistant coaches. Sarkisian recruited and coached Bryce Young, knows the Alabama offense and defense, and Texas has Greg Patterson who is known for his amazing defensive mind and strategy.

Initially we thought maybe Texas really does have a chance and nobody wants to say it.

Texas could give Alabama considerable trouble considering several players: Overshown, Sanders, Worthy, Bijan, Keilan, Ewers, Cain, and a few on special teams. Yes, Alabama has equally, if not more, who are capable of eating Texas’ lunch; Young, Anderson and company.

Former Alabama quarterback, ESPN college football analyst, and now host of ESPN Always CFB, Greg McElroy explained how Texas has a real chance of making it close if they were able to do three things. His insight was helpful to understand what Texas needed to do.

Still why all the hype if nobody believes Texas is going to win, except for Texas?

Enter stage right from FOX Sports, Joel Klatt who will be calling Saturday’s game from DKR. If we see Klatt in the press box, we will ask if we can take a photo pregame.

Klatt during his third podcast gives the most complete breakdown of the No. 1 Alabama vs Texas game we have heard to date. This layouts out everything and answers the question of why this game is getting such hype.

Watch and Listen [start at 2:57]

After watching the video, we posted this comment on their YouTube comments section.

Joel gave the first and most complete detailed evaluation of No. 1 Alabama vs Texas game we have heard ANYWHERE from ANYONE - hands down, or really #HornsUp. This video is a CFB must watch and we are also going to share it.

Terry Middleton

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