FINAL: No. 7 Texas Baseball stops No. 23 TCU, 2-0

Pete Hansen wins game throws 12 strikeouts
Pete Hansen wins game throws 12 strikeouts (photo Jose Mendez / Horns Illustrated)

AUSTIN, Texas - No. 7 Texas Baseball stops No. 23 TCU, 2-0. Pete Hansen faced 30 batters, threw 114 pitches, gave up two hits, walked one, and struck out 12. We got to speak with Coach Pierce after the game and asked, "Coach Pierce did you ever have a moment you thought about taking Pete Hansen out of the game?" Pierce answered with confidence, "Yes, at the end of the game!"

This game may have been a complete blowout if the bottom half of the lineup did not leave seven of the eight total runners on base. Melendez went 0-4 and has been in a Spring slump of sorts.

Trey Faltine went 1-3, scored 1, had a double, and his batting average is .294. On defense, Faltine has a sharp liner hit to right where he took a flying leap, almost going horizonal with his body, and just barely missed the ball. It would have surely made the highlight reel.

Michell Daly wen 1-3 and one RBI.

No. 7 Texas hosts No. 23 TCU for the first of a three game series. Texas leads the all-time series 230-75-2, and when played at home in Austin, 133-29.

Official Attendance: 7482

Official Attendance UFCU Disch-Falk Field Texas vs TCU 4/8/2022
Official Attendance UFCU Disch-Falk Field Texas vs TCU 4/8/2022 (photo courtesy Texas Athletics)

Texas: 2 | TCU: 0

Photo Gallery - Jose Mendez / Horns Illustrated

9th Inning

Hansen pitches into the 9th inning. Nunez strikes out, Sacco grounds out...PETE HANSEN {STRIKES OUT} final batter for his #12 K of the game.

Bottom of 8th

Murphy Stehly at the plate...(Stehly batting avg is .453 - 4th in the nation) even though he just grounded out. What a slugger. Melendez strikes out. then Silas Ardoin doubles to right field...Austin Todd at the plate...{LET's GO AUSTIN}...ouch, Todd hit by a pitch. (runners on 1st & 2nd) which brings up Mr. Trey Faltine to the plate...[pinch runner for Austin Tood, Ace Whitehead)...FALTINE with the good eye WALKS. [BASES LOADED, 2 outs] Messinger at the plate...high popup to shallow left for the 3rd out.

8th Inning

Hansen still in the game. Boyers hits a hard shot to deep shortstop Trey Faltine. He rifles the ball to Melendez for the out. Faltine was a pitcher HS, thus the strong arm. Goodloe at the plate...PETE HANSEN for another {STRIKE OUT} #9, Berkley {STRIKES OUT}, #10 for Hansen.

Fan Photos - Jose Mendez / Horns Illustrated

Bottom of 7th

Faltine at the plate...hits a liner to left field for a double...Sklyer Messinger at the plate...(Faltine toying with pitcher acting like he is going to steal 3rd)...Messinger walks. Michell Daly at the plate... (no outs, runners at 1st & 2nd)...{STEAL} Trey Faltine steals third...Daly grounds to 2b who throws out Messinger at 2nd, Daly reaches 1st on fielders choice. FALTINE SCORES ... Campbell walks. Texas top of the order. Douglas Hodo III at the plate...first pitch hits into a double play.

7th Inning

Make the 8 {STRIKE OUTS} for Pete Hansen. Bishop out on strikes. Rodgers grounds out to shortstop Trey Faltine (6-3). Kurtis Byrne at the plate...high fly to short left field, caught by Dylan Campbell. 3⬆️ 3⬇️.

Pete Hansen after 6 IP
Pete Hansen after 6 innings. (photo Texas Athletics)

Bottom of 6th

Hodo III walks, Stehly strikes out, Melendez hits to deep 2nd, gets on fielders choice to throw Hodo III out at second base. Silas Ardoin at plate with two outs....WALKS (2 outs, runners on 1st & 2nd) and Austin Todd at the plate....high fly ball to right for the third out.

6th Inning

Goodloe flies out to left field...Berkley walks on 4 straight balls...Elijah Nunez the plate...hits hard liner to left, Faltine makes amazing flying leap (hopefully we got a picture of that) and just misses it. Runners on 1st & 2nd, 1 out...Sacco at plate...{STRIKES OUT} Hansen's 7th on the night. Brayden Taylor at the hit to Mitchell Daly at 2b, throws to Melendez for 3rd out.

Bottom of 5th

Trey Faltine at the plate (on the season, Faltine AB 117, 28 Runs, 34 Hits, 28 RBI, 10 HR's) grounder down 3rd base line, out at first. Skyler Messinger at the plate...(BBBB) Walks. Mitchell Daly at the plate...hits first pitch to right sending Messinger to 3rd. (Runners at 1st & 3rd with 1 out) [TCU coach goes to the mound for a discussion] Dylan Campbell at the plate...hits into a double play.

5th Inning

Hansen on the mound (41 pitches, 14 batters faces, 6 K's). TCU Rodgers grounds out to Texas 2b Mitchell Daly. Kurtis Byrne pops up to right-field Murphy Stelhy out. Boyers flies out to center.

Bottom of 4th

Douglas Hodo III at the plate...(BSBBB) Walks. Murphy Stehly at the plate...single between first and second base. Note: Stehly now has 58 hits and leads the nation in nation in hits. Ivan Melendez at the plate...strikes out...he's been a slump this month. Silas Ardoin at the plate...[Hodo III steals 2nd base]...runners at 2nd & 3rd, 1 out...Ardoin grounds out to shortstop, Hodo III scores, Daly to 3rd. NOTE: Daly rslowly takes off from 2nd so he didn't get hit by the grounder, and to try and throw off the shortstop. Smart base running.

4th Inning

Tommy Sacco grounds out to shortstop Trey Faltine. Brayden Taylor hits to deep second Mitchell Daly and throws him out at first. David Bishop at the plate..{STRIKES OUT} swinging. Hansen's 6th strikeout.

Texas Baseball dugout for TCU
Texas Baseball dugout watches a high fly ball. (photo courtesy Texas Athletics)

Bottom of 3rd

Skyler Messing at the plate...grounds out. Mitchell Daly strikes out. Left fielder #8 Dylan Campbell at the plate...hits a high fly ball foul just outside the first base for the third out.

3rd Inning

Hansen as pitched 22 pitching coming into 3rd. Luke Boyers at the plate...{STRIKES OUT} 5th for Hansen. Bobby Goodloe lays down excellent bunt down third base line, Hansen and Messinger race to ball, Hansen picks it up, fires to Melendez for the out. Garrison Berkley hits single up the middle to center., Elijah Nunez hits swings, hits the plate and bounces high enough for Ardoin to catch it and throw him out at first.

Bottom of 2nd

#4 Texas catcher Silas Ardoin at plate...strikes out. Austin Todd grounds out to 2nd, Trey Faltine strikes out swinging.

2nd Inning

Bishop grounds out, Rodgers strikes out (Hansen's 4th), Byrne hits a slow roller to shortstop, Faltine was deep, Skyler Messing races in front of Faltine, picks up the ball and throws and pulls Melendez off first base. Melendez has to tag the runner for the third out.

Bottom of 1st

The first three batters (Hodo III (flied out), Stehly (flied out) , and Melendez (strike out)

1st Inning

Starting pitcher Pete Hansen threw 13 pitches and struck out the first three batters.

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