Red River Rivalry of Baseball Game 3

No. 8 Texas Baseball has massive comeback win over OU, 12-8 to win the series, 2-1. Coy Cobb gets the win. Murphy Stehly went 3-5 with one homerun, four RBI, batting .458.

Texas Wins Beats OU 12-8
Texas Baseball {{ WINS }} beats OU in Game 3, 12-8 and wins the series 2-1, #14 Murphy Stehly goes 3-5, 1 HR, 4 RBI. (photo courtesy Texas Athletics)

ARLINGTON, Texas - The series is tied 1-1 for No. 8 Texas Baseball and Oklahoma. First game Texas won 7-1, second game OU beat Texas, 4-2. Game three is for the win and bragging rights for a year.

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SCORE: Texas: 12 | OU: 8

9th Inning

Top of the order - Trey Faltine at the plate...grounds out.

Hodo III doubles on OU collision in outfield.

Melendez singles Hodo III {{ SCORES}, Stehly singles to left sending Melendez to 2nd

Silas Ardoin at plate...hit by a pitch. BASES LOADED (oh, boy!)

Skyler Messinger batting .353 at plate...strikes out (FFBFBS)

Austin Todd at (KFFFF), Ardoin to 3rd, Stehly scores, Melendez scores.

Daly at plate...slams one to corner in left, scoring 2 more.

Campbell at plate...SAFE at first SAFE at first, UNDER REVIEW. He is SAFE. Daly to 3rd

2 Outs, runners on 1st & 3rd

Top of the order Trey Faltine at plate...strikes out.

Bottom of 9th

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What a comeback by Texas. 1 run in the 6th, 6 runs in the 7th, and 5 runs in the 9th. WOW!

Here we go...Robertson doubles

Muniz at plate...grounds out to shortstop Trey Faltine who rifles it to Ivan Melendez for out #1.

Jimmy Crooks, singles to center, Robertson scores

Nicklaus at plate...barely is safe on 1st just (barely) missing a double play. Crooks out at 2nd.

Horton grounds out. TEXAS {{ WINS! }}

8th Inning

Austin Todd at plate...fouled out, Daly strikes out (KKBK)

Dylan Campbell at plate...strikesout

3 ⬆️ 3 ⬇️

Bottom of 8th

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#45 right-hander Coy Cobb from Katy, Texas on the mound for Texas

Clark at plate...WALKS

DOUBLE PLAY - Tredaway hard hit to shortstop Faltine, toss to 2nd for out 1, then to Melendez for out #2.

Graham grounds out. Here we GO! to the 9th

7th Inning

Austin Todd starts off the 7th inning...base hit single to center.

#19 Mitchell Daly at plate...walked

Dylan Campbell {{ HOME RUN }} 3 runs score

Faltine at plate...(no outs) WALKS (YES) (BBBB)

Douglas Hodo III at plate...WALKS (BBBB)

Ivan Melendez at plate... (OU BALKS) runners advance...Faltine 3rd, Hodo III 2nd...Melendez goes full count then strikes out.

1 out, runners on 2nd & 3rd, Murphy Stehly at plate...last pitch 97 mph (3-1) {{ HOME RUN }} {GAME TIED 7-7}

Ardoin strikes out (BBKFK) / Messinger strikes out (KFS)

Bottom of 7th

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Marcus Olivarez still on mound. Jimmy Crooks at plate...strikes out swiging (KKFBBFBFFS)

Nicklaus walks

Horton at plate...2 strikes (Olivarez 3rd throw to 1st to keep Nicklaus close) STRIKEOUT (2 outs)

#11 right-fielder Sebastian Orduno at plate...STRIKESOUT

Olivarez tries to throw out Nicklaus at 1st, and ball gets away, awarded 2nd base.

Orduno grounds out to end the 7th.

6th Inning

Texas at top of the order with Trey Faltine at plate...strikes out (BKFBS)

Note: Austin Todd's hit that was ruled an error was changed to a hit. Texas has 2 hits in the game.

Douglas Hodo III at plate...pops up to right and Orduno couldn't get it (over ran the ball) Hodo III doubles.

Ivan Melendez at plate...takes 10 pitches and walks (KBBFFFBFB)

Murphy Stehly singles to left field, Hodo III scores Melendez to 2nd. (1 out) OU changes pitchers

OU brings out 6'7" #45 right-hander Ben Abram.

Silas Ardoin at plate...(1 out, runners on 1st & 2nd) strikes out (KFBBS)

Skyler Messinger at plate... grounds out.

Bottom of 6th

Interesting note: OU has freshman Max McGwire, who is former Oakland Athletics and St. Louis Cardinals slugger Mark McGuire's son.

Orduno at plate...walks ((BSBBKB)

Wallace Clark at plate...lays down perfect bunt past pitcher toward 2nd, nobody could get to the ball in time...runners on 1st & 2nd

Tanner Tredaway at plate...(Texas brings in #46 right-hander Marcus Olivarez from Columbus, Texas)

Tredaway...bunts to to pitcher Olivarez who smartly picks up ball and pivots to get the force out Orduno at 3rd. (1 out, runners on 1st & 2nd)

Graham at plate...hits a long fly to left field (home run).

Robertson flies out to left center...(2 outs)

Diego Muniz strikes out swinging (FFS)

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5th Inning

Silas Ardoin and Skylar Messinger both ground out. Ardoin to 3b, Messinger bunts ot pitcher. (2 Outs)

Austin Todd at plate...get Texas' 1st hit of the game, then ruled an error. Texas has no hits in the game.

Mitchell Daly at plate...goes ful count, then singles to center field, Todd goes to 3rd. (2 outs, runners on 1st & 3rd) Daly does get Texas' first hit!

Dylan Campbell at plate...strikes out

Bottom of 5th

Jimmy Crooks at plate...strikes out swinging (KKBS)

Brown strikes out (BBFFS)

Horton hits deep ball to 2nd base, Daly saves it from going in to center...just misses throwing him out.

Orduno at plate...Harrison tries to pick off Horton on 1st...Harrison pitches, runner goes, Texas catcher Silas Ardoin throws strike to 2nd base to get Horton out stealing. Inning over.

4th Inning

Douglas Hodo III pops up to center (out)

Ivan Melendez strikes out looking (BSBFK)

Murphy Stehly pops up to shortstop

3 ⬆️ 3 ⬇️

Bottom of 4th

Lucas Gordon still on mound for Texas.

Brown singled through left, Horton walks, (runners at 1st & 2nd)

Orduno at plate... (Texas bullpen starts warming up)

Gordon tries to throw out runner on 2nd, throws and Daly saves a ball heading to center with leaping catch over runner.. Pierce comes out to calm Gordon.

Orduno singles through left side, Brown scores, Horton gets thrown out at 3rd.

Clark strikes out (SBFBK)

Tanner Tredaway singles to shortstop Faltine (2 outs, runners on 1st & 2nd)

Graham at through right side, Orduno scores, Tredaway to 3rd.

Gordon hits Robertson with pitch, Graham to 2nd. (Coach David Pierce on phone to bullpen)

Lucas Gordon: 3.2 Innings, 8 hits, 4 runs, 1 BB, 2 Strikeouts, 21 batters faced, 2.53 ERA

Luke Harrison on mound for Texas...bases loaded 2 outs
Muniz at plate...strikes out swinging (BFBFFFS)

3rd Inning

Mitchell Daly at plate...(strikes out looking. (KFK)

Dylan Campbell flies out to leftfield (KBFFB)

Trey Faltine at the plate...strikes out looking (KSK)

3 ⬆️ 3 ⬇️

Bottom of 3rd

Tanner Tredaway at plate...high flying ball to left center for out #1.

Graham singles up the middle...(1 out, with Graham on 1st) expect an steal attempt...

Robertson at plate...singled to right center, Graham to 3rd, THEN advances to 2nd and Graham scored on a {BALK}

Muniz and Crooks both fly out to center.

2nd Inning

#4 Silas Ardoin hit short popup to right, caught. (1 out)

Skyar Messinger walks (KBBBB)

dh #44 Austin Todd (1st game since March 8th after shoulder separation) hits shot to 1st base, caught, and double play as Messenger was leading off.

Bottom of 2nd

Brown grounds out.

Horton hits fast rolling ball up the first base line for a triple.

Orduno bunts, reaches 1st, Texas gets Horton out as he was trying to home on the bunt. Ardoin to Messinger for the out.

Lucas Gordon throws first strikes out. Clark (strikes out) swining. (KBSFK)

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1st Inning

#0 shortstop Trey Faltine leads off (Kennedy out due to being hit by pitch on the knee in game 2) (strikes out KSFFS)

#7 Douglass Hodo III at plate... (3rd yr with Longhorns) (strikes out) (KSBBBS)

#17 Ivan Melendez (looking for 1st hit of the weekend) at the plate...walks ((BSSBFBB)

#14 Murphy Stehly at plate (leads country with 52 hits) hit up the middle, but snagged by OU for the 3rd out that will make highlights.

Bottom of 1st

#10 Tanner Tredaway at plate...hard grounder to 3b Skylar Messinger, thrown out.

#20 Peyton Graham at the plate...hit by pitch (BKBSB) on first.

#26 Blake Robertson at plate... (Graham steals second) hits single to left (KSBF), Graham on 3rd.

#1 Diego Muniz at plate...(1 out, runners on 1st & 3rd)...BUNT, Graham scores, Robertson to 2nd.

#3 Jimmy Crooks at plate...hits ball to deep center, caught by Hodo III for the 3rd out.

Starting on the mound will be left-hander Lucas Gordon.

#13 Lucas Gordon Starting for Texas
#13 Lucas Gordon Starting for Texas. Sophomore Left-hander Hometown: Los Angles, Ca (photo courtesy Texas Athletics)

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