FINAL No. 8 Texas Baseball vs Texas A&M, 12-9

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photo courtesy Texas Athletics

AUSTIN, Texas - FINAL from the pressbox during Texas Baseball against Texas A&M at UFCU Disch-Falk Field.

Official Attendance: 7990

Texas: 9
Texas A&M: 12

Texas Baseball after Texas A&M game singing Eyes of Texas. (photo courtesy Texas Athletics)

Bottom of 9th

Silas Ardoin at the plate...ground out to 1st. Faltine at the plate...high fly ball to left (will it stay fair), no foul (close)...TREY FALINE {{HOME RUN}} to deep center. Messinger strikesout swinging, 2 outs, Daly at the plate...count 3-2 WALK {Texas still alive} Dylan Campbell at the plate...3-2 (2 Out)...high and tight but a strike. GAME OVER! #HornsUp

9th Inning

#41 right handed sophomore Aaron Nixon from McAllen, Texas on the mound for Texas. Nixon has 16 K's on the season with 13.1 innings pitched. Nixon hits Claunch. runner on 1st, Nixon STRIKESOUT swinging Targac, Nixon STRIKESOUT swinging Britt, Thompson hits slow roller to shortstop Faltine, Claunch out at 2nd.

Bottom of 8th

#19 Mitchell Daly up for Texas...up the middle for a single (NICE)...Dylan Campbell at the plate...doubles down the left field line, Daly gets tripped going to 3rd. Kennedy grounds out to 2nd, Campbell goes to 3rd, Daly scored. Hodo III deep ball to center, sacrifice fly, Campbell scores. (Texas 8 | Texas A&M: 12)

Ivan Melendez at the plate...2 outs, single to right, Melendez on 1st. Stehly at the plate (Texas A&M making pitching change Jacob Palisch) Stehly waits for the pitch...slow roller to shortstop, to 2nd to get Melendez out.

8th Inning

Sthele pitching for Texas....Scamardo walks, Kaler at plate, hits line drive to right Murphy Stehly for the out...Stehly tries to throw runner out at 1st, just missed. NOTE: Sthele has 18 K's on the season. Moss triples down left field line, scores Thompson. (Texas: 6 | Texas A&M: 11) Bost homerun to left, 2 outs. Minnich grounds out to 2nd.

Bottom of 7th

Murphy Stehly at the plate...flies out to left, 1 out. Texas catcher Silas Ardoin at plate...DOUBLE in the gap to right center, bounces off the wall, Faltine at the plate...fouls out, Messinger flies out to right field for out 3.

7th Inning

Coach Pierce has made a call to the bullpen...#53 left hander freshman Luke Harrison is on the mound for Texas. Harrison is from Friendswood, Texas. Minnich grounds out to shortstop Trey Faltine. Claunch doubles to right center. NOTE: Harrison has 14 (make that 15) STRIKEOUTS on the season. Targac strikes out swinging (BBKKS). 2 Outs, Britt at the plate...grounds to shortstop Faltine who fires a cannon to first for 3rd out.

Bottom of 6th

Eric Kennedy at the plate...grounds out, Hodo III flies out, Melendez lined out.

6th Inning

Morehouse on the mound for Texas, has 9 strikeouts on the season...Britt grounds out to 3rd, Scamardo grounds out to 3rd, Kaler singled to center, 2 outs, runner on 1st...Rock at the to left, Kaler to 3rd, 2 outs...Moss doubles, Kaler scores, Rock to 3rd, Bost flies out to center.

Bottom of 5th

Silas Ardoin at plate...power hit to left field for a signal. Ardoin on 1st. Trey Faltine at plate...HOME RUN Trey Faltine. (Texas 6 | Texas A&M: 8). Messinger flies out to right, 1 out. Daly strikesout, Kash grounds out for 3rd out.

Did you see this on Trey Faltine from LHN

5th Inning

Jared Southard still on the mound...Minnich grounds to 2nd Mitchell Daly for quick throw to Melendez for out #1...Claunch at plate...STRIKEOUT caught looking (SFK). 2nd K on night for Southard. Targac grounds out to 2nd Daly. 3 up 3 down. (Texas: 4 | Texas A&M: 8)

Bottom of 4th

Kennedy at the plate...towering fly ball to 3rd for out #1. Hodo III at the plate...STRIKEOUT swinging. 2 outs...Melendez at the plate...(YES) line shot to left field. Melendez to 1st, Stehly at the plate. drive to center, 3rd plate ump calls him out, 2nd base ump calls him safe. Melendez smartly stays on 2nd. They have to review the play. After fielder caught the ball, Stehly for the 3rd out.
over the loud speaker they are playing an AWESOME Song...

4th Inning

Texas brings in #8 right hander, sophomore Jered Southard. Hometown: Leander, Texas. STRIKEOUT swinging Claunch (KSS). Targac grounds out to Faltine, Britt singled to left. WILD PITCH Southard, advances Britt to 2nd, then walks Scamardo. Texas A&M has runners on 1st and 2nd with 2 outs. Southard walks Kaler...bases loaded. 😬 2 outs, 2-2...and the pitch... NOOOOO Grand Slam Home Run by Dylan Rock. Moss singles to pitcher. Bost hits a long fly to left but foul. Coach Pierce goes to mound. Whew...Bost flies out center field. (Texas: 4 | Texas A&M 8)

photo courtesy Texas Athletics

Bottom of 3rd

Murphy Stehly on deck...blasts a single to left field...Stehly hitting .485 so far this season. Ardoin grounds out to 3rd, advances Stehly to 2nd. Faltine at plate, hit by pitch. Runners on 1st & 2nd with 1 out...Messinger at plate. WILD PITCH - runners advance to 2nd & 3rd. Wild pitch is 7' over plate. Messinger singles to shortstop, Faltine out at 2nd after playing pickle with 2nd and 3rd basemen. Allows Messinger to make it to 2nd. and Stehly to score. (score tied 4-4) SMART base running by Faltine. Daly at the plate...get a base on balls (his 17th of the season). Runners on 1st & 2nd, 2 outs...line drive to right for the 3rd out.

3rd Inning

Justin Eckhardt on the mound...STRIKES OUT Kole Kaler (BKBBBFK). Rock hit by pitch, on 1st. Jack Moss hits a home run to left center scoring Rock. (Texas: 3 | Texas A&M: 4). Bost grounds out. Eckhardt STRIKES OUT Minnich (KFBS).

Bottom of 2nd

Bijan Robinson is in the crowd for tonight's game.

Mitchell Daly rips a ball down the 3rd baseline for a double. DH Gavin Kash hits a shot to SS who bobbles the ball. Kash safe at first, runners no 1st & 2nd. Eric Kennedy at plate...(no outs) and a long drive to deep right field, but catchable. Kennedy out, Daly advances to 3rd base. Runners on 1st & 3rd (1 out). Hodo III hits a sky high ball to deep left for the out, Daly scored. (Texas: 3 | Texas A&M: 2). Melendez high popup to first for third out.

photo courtesy Texas Athletics

2nd Inning

First batter for Texas A&M Ryan Targac singles to left field. *** Texas catcher #4 Silas Ardoin *** throws strike to 2nd catch Targac stealing. Logan Britt also strikes out 2 outs. DH Chanden Scamardo grounds out to Skler Messing at 3b.

Bottom of 1st

Eric Kennedy takes Zander's curve ball and hits a line shot back to pitcher that bounces off. Kennedy safe at 1st. Douglas Hodo III bunts. Kennedy to 2nd. Ivan Melendez at plate...hits a single to the right advancing Hodo III and Kennedy scoring. (Texas: 1 | Texas A&M 2). Murphy Stehly singled to third base, bounced off, all runners safe, bases loaded, no outs.

Catcher #4 Silas Ardoin hits back to pitcher who lobs it to home plate to force out Hodo III, catcher tries for the double play, throws to first that hits off the first baseman's glove sending Ardoin to 2nd, sends Melendez home and Stehly to 3rd. Runners on 2nd & 3rd with 1 out. Score tied (Texas: 2 | Texas A&M 2)

Pitching change for Texas A&M Rudis On Mound. Skyler Messinger and Trey Faltine both ground out to 3rd.

1st Inning

Sophomore right-hander Justin Eckhardt walks the first Texas A&M batter Kaler. (KBBBB). Kaler looks like he is testing Eckhardt. #4 Silas Ardoin catching. Eckhardt takes the count to 3-2, Dylan Rock doubles down third base line just inches over the bag and scores Kole Kaler. (BKBFB) (Texas: 0 | Texas A&M: 1) Jack Moss singles to right field, Rock was already on his way to third and keeps going to score (0-2). Austin Bost flied out to center field. Brett Minnich slow hit to third, throw to Faltine at second get runner out, runner safe on first.

Troy Claunch grounds to Trey Faltine who takes a couple steps and fires a cannon to first for out #3.

Texas: 0 | Texas A&M: 2

photo courtesy Texas Athletics

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