FINAL: Texas Baseball falls to OU, 4-2

Silas Ardoin Horns Up
#4 Texas catcher Silas Ardoin goes 2-4 in the game against OU with 2 HR's. (photo Texas Athletics / graphic Horns Illustrated)

ARLINGTON, Texas - No. 8 Texas Baseball plays Oklahoma at Globe Life Field in the second game of the series. Yesterday senior third basemen #5 Skyler Messinger when 4-4.

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Perfect day for baseball in Arlington today. Temp 65 and will reach 72 during the game. Texas will start with right-hander Tristan Stevens who is 4-1 with a 3.48 ERA, and 19 strikeouts on the season.

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Texas: 2
OU: 4

9th Inning

Murphy Stehly leads off the 9th...grounds out. Ardoin{{ HOME RUN }}. Faltine at up middle. Skylar Messinger can tie the game with a home run...swings for a strike, hits next one foul, then strikes out. (2 outs Faltine on 1st) Daly at plate...WALKS. Dylan Campbell at plate with runners at 1st & 2nd (2 out) ... now 3-2, walks, then WILD PITCH. Campbell lines out to left field for final out. {FINAL}

Bottom of 8th

Nixon still on the mound, Muniz at the plate...grounds out, Orduno singled to center. (1 out 1 on 1st), Horton at plate...walks, Morehouse now pitching for Texas...Wallace Clark at plate...(runners at 1st & 2nd, 1 out)...Clark takes 12 pitches and strikes out, Ardoin tries to throw out Pettis stealing 3rd, ball goes down the 3rd base line, OU scores. Nicklaus singles up the middle scoring another (Horton). {Texas: 1 | OU: 4}

Graham at plate...grounder to 3b Messinger to 1b Melendez for out. Here we go to the 9th.

8th Inning

Dylan Campbell at plate...strikes out. Ace Whitehead at plate (replaces Eric Kennedy who got hit by pitch on the knee) SINGLES to left...Hodo III at plate...strikes out swinging (KSS). Melendez at plate...strikes out. Melendez has no hits this game. Melendez is tied with Jake Gelof of Virginia as the NCAA home run leaders with 13 HR's.

Bottom of 7th

7th inning stretch...Orduno flies out to center, Hornton singles, Clark singles sends Horton to 2nd...Texas brings in right-hander Aaron Nixon to pitch for Stevens. Nixon has 18 strike outs this season.

Nixon walks Nichlaus, bases loaded....1 out. Graham singles up the middle scoring Horton and Clark. Texas: 1 | OU: 2 Graham steals 2nd. Runnings at 2nd & 3rd. Robertson walks, (Bases Loaded) Tredaway at plate...strikes out swinging (2 outs). Crooks hard hit to Melendez who backhands the ball and touches bag. (Whew!)

Aaron Nixon now pitching
photo Texas Athletics

7th Inning

Texas { scores } Silas Ardoin hits home run to left center. Faltine at plate...strikes out. Messinger fouled out to 1st base. Daly strikes out looking.

Stevens pitching Ardoin catching
Tristan Stevens pitching and Silas Ardoin catching. (photos Texas Athletics)

Bottom of 6th

Ace Whitehead comes in left field for Eric Kennedy. 3 up 3 down

6th Inning

#8 Dylan Campbell at plate...pops up 2b (out). Eric Kennedy (ouch) hit by pitch on the knee. Hodo III singles, Kennedy on 2nd. HERE WE GO Iven Melendez at plate...strikes out swinging (KBKBS) he went fishing on this one. Stehly at plate...strikes out (BSFBBK)

Eric Kennedy goes to dugout...after getting hit by pitch on knee it is starting to really hurt.

Bottom of 5th

Wallace Clark singles to right, tries to steal, (Ardoin throws strike to Faltine) OUT. Nicklaus strikes out (Stevens' 6th K of the game) Graham singled to left. Robertson flies out to left.

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5th Inning

Trey Faltine at the plate...strikes out swinging, 3b Skyler Messinger grounds out to 3b. Daly at plate...strikes out. 3 up 3 down

RECAP: Stevens 4 inning pitches so far, 53 pitches, 17 batters faced, 5 strikeouts, 2 BB, 2 hits, 2.86 ERA.

Bottom of 4th

OU catcher Jimmy Crooks singles left after error from 3b Messinger. Muniz grounds out to 3b, Crook to 2nd. Orduno line drive to Messinger (out). Horton singles up the middle, Crook to 3rd. Runners on 1st & 3rd. Ball hits off the plate and bounces high over Stevens head and slowly hits ground, too late to throw him out. Wallace Clark at plate...Stevens picks off Cade Horton on first base. (BOOM) (under review: OUT)

Texas Dugout players
Texas Baseball players watching 2nd game against OU. (photo Texas Athletics)

4th Inning

Eric Kennedy at the high popup behind the plate, foul (out). Douglass Hodo III strikes out swinging (KFBBBS). Ivan Melendez at plate...(goes full count 3-2) hits a foul, then takes a ball for a walk. This is Texas' first base running. Muhpy Stehly hits first pitch up the middle for the 1st hit for Texas. Runners at 1st & 2nd. Silas Ardoin at plate...(2 outs) flies out to center field on the warning track.

Bottom of 3rd

Nicklaus flies out to left field. Tristen Steven STRIKESOUT 5th OU player (Graham), Robertson get 1st hit of the game to left field. Tredaway hits a foul to right field (out) and leaves Robertson stranded on 1st.

3rd Inning

Skyler Messinger strikes out swinging. Daly at plate...strikes out swinging (takes BKKBFBS). Dylan Campbell at plate...grounder deep to shortstop, thrown out (barely) at 1st.

Texas Dugout
No. 8 Texas Baseball dugout during OU game 2. (photo courtesy Texas Athletics)

Bottom of 2nd

Orduno at plate...flied out to left field, Horton and Clark both strike out. Texas Stevens now has 4 strikeouts in the game.

2nd Inning

dh Murphy Stehly at plate....check swing hits ball rolls (like a bunt) toward 1st base. OU pitcher Sandlin tosses to 1st for the out. Silas Ardoin at plate...(ESPN announcers calling Ardoin defensive and offensiveas MLB draft worthy.) pops up for out. Trey Faltine at plate...long fly ball to left the warning track...caught. (So close) (both teams no hit, no runs)

Bottom of 1st

Nicklaus flies out to centerfield, Graham strikeouts swinging but reaches 1st on wild pitch, then steals 2nd. Robertson walks, steals 2nd and Grapham steals 3rd. QUESTION: What is going on? Stevens K's Tredaway, Ardoin drops ball and it rolls out of glove, so he has to throw it to first. OU runners hold on 2nd & 3rd.

1st Inning

Texas up first...3 up 3 down: Kennedy, Hodo III, Melendez all ground out.

Starting Lineup Game 2
(photo Texas Athletics)
Silas Ardoin sliding into 3rd
Silas Ardoin sliding into 3rd base (photo Texas Athletics)
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