photo of Hudson Card playing during Alabama game after Quinn Ewers went down. (photos Don Bender / Horns Illustrated)

Officially Hudson Card has not confirmed anything yet, but can we blame him, Quinn Ewers may be next

First, here are the facts — Hudson Card has NOT gone into the transfer portal … yet. He has not made any official announcements. Plus, if he is going into the transfer portal, he has to wait until Dec. 5 and can up until Jan. 18, 2023. It is not official until Card says it is!

This is messed up, but a great lesson in life. You are either No. 1 or you don’t play.

Wait, Card was No. 1 — in stats.

Card played in four games (technically six, briefly during ULM and Kansas) and Ewers in 9 games. Hudson Card completion percentage was better than Ewers (Card: 69%, Ewers: 57%) and Card threw one interception to Ewers six interceptions 

Card rushed 17 times for 46 yards (longest 32 Yds) and Ewers rushed 20 times for a negative 58 yards (longest 16 Yds).

Clearly, Card was a dual threat, sort of, quarterback while Ewers did not pose any threat of running.

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Why in the world did Card not play more?

After the West Virginia game where Card had his best game going 21-27 (77.8%) for 303 yards, three touchdowns and no interceptions, you would have thought Sarkisian would have no choice but to start Card against Oklahoma.

Card never entered the game as a quarterback, but Sarkisian did keep him in as the place kick holder.

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There are three key things to note about Hudson Card that may have swayed Sarkisian to locking in on Ewers as QB1.

1.) While Card can run, he has weak ankles. He got hurt last year and his ankles still cause him some problems

2.) After seeing Card’s best game against West Virginia and then seeing Ewers against Oklahoma forget the score for a moment and focus on passing, Ewers is night and day better passer. Card threw the ball while Ewers delivered his passes with speed and accuracy. Ewers left no question that he was the better passer. Well ...

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… until Ewers played against Oklahoma State, Kansas State, TCU, Kansas, and Baylor. 

Everyone was screaming for Card to play. Thankfully Texas had multiple weapons on offense in Bijan Robinson, Roschon Johnson and crew.

3.) Sarkisian spoke many times on one of the factors he uses to decide on his starting quarterback by saying it is about their body language. Ewers, because of his calm demeanor or his ability to not get too emotional may have swayed Sarkisian into thinking he could handle pressure.

In practice, Ewers probably threw the ball better than Card. While in the game when Ewers was pressured, you were kind of reminded of Bo Callahan in the movie Draft Day. If you don’t know the reference, go watch the movie.

So, how can you blame Card for going into the transfer portal? 

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