On Set | ‘All The Livelong Day’ Behind The Scenes Video and More


Describing the 41st Acre is challenging because it’s almost surreal. In the setting of a beautiful Hill Country ranch, a scene unfolded that ended up as part tailgate, part commercial shoot, part fantasy camp and part day on the range. Longhorn Network marketing director Jill Husak called it a “field of dreams” for Longhorn fans.

“The fans tie everything together,” Husak said. “It helps bring the energy together for the campaign.” (Continue reading below...)

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(...Continued from above.) At times, the extras stood by, waiting for their turn in the spotlight. The waiting finally paid off as they got to sit shoulder-to-shoulder with the icons they had cheered for from afar.

Below you will find the behind the scenes video from the day's action along with a few of the videos they released as part of the 'All The Livelong Day’ promotion. (View the videos below...)

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