Should No 13/14 Kansas State be worried about Texas coming to Manhattan

Texas Football
photos Texas Athletics / Don Bender Horns Illustrated

Yeah, probably!

Texas plays their best football against teams they are not supposed to beat and their worst, or lackluster penalty riddled, against teams they are supposed to beat — frustrating.

Kansas State crushed Oklahoma State who beat Texas the week prior, so one could deduct that Texas is in trouble, which likely means Texas will play their best football.

Statistically in many categories Texas is better in total offense and scoring offense compared to Kansas State, but not in rushing defense, total defense, or time of possession. Penalties and turnovers, well yeah, Texas wins — likely the reason for Texas’ record excluding the Alabama game.

Kansas State has lost to No. 19 Tulane at home and undefeated No. 7 TCU by 10 points.

Texas Football has something (everything) to prove. Coach Sarkisian talks about the team and players in terms of consistency. With four tough games remaining, has Texas worked out the consistency issue? We will find out Nov. 5 (Sat) at 6 p.m. at FS1.

Quinn Ewers will likely come out slinging the football. He has proven he can deliver the ball on target so it’s not a question of skills, but consistency.

Texas will bring their very best football to Manhattan, Kansas. If it is not enough, and Texas take the loss, questions and speculations start to swirl.

What do you think. Share your insights and how you see the game playing out