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Texas Football | Q & A with Jerrod Heard

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On loss to Iowa State: It was one of those games where it just doesn't fall for you. We can't harp on it. As much as everyone wants to sit here and watch us cry, we can't. We still have four games left, and you have to forgive and forget and move on and play better the next Saturday.

On becoming a pocket passer: They are just telling me while I am in the drop to move the safety, don't show them where you are going. It's all about growing up, which I have been doing since the spring. Coach [Shawn] Watson has worked on me with that. When I first got here, that was one of the first things I learned was reading through my progressions. So I got to keep working on that and get better.

On reaction to bad losses: You can't change who you are when stuff like that happens. Then you get into a pattern of lose, get mad, beat these teams, lose again, then get mad again, and it becomes a pattern. Now what we are doing is having one level of being a dog every day. We can't let it get that way after a big loss, we get mad and that's what drive us. That can't be a pattern and it's about consistency.

On approach to remaining games: It's really important for every game now and it has been. From now on it's going to be a grind and it's going to be a fight. We can't sleep on Kansas and can't sleep on the rest of our opponents, and we have to come out and give 100-percent every day and get to this bowl game.

On balance between running and passing as QB: I have total faith in my receivers. When you know your receivers can get open and make plays, you want that run to be the last option. When I snap the ball, I am looking to pass; and when I scramble, I am looking to pass. I am trying to save the run for my last option. There are times when you see a big hole and go. I need to take off but you have to be responsible and make the right play for the first down.

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