Texas Football: Who is Sarkisian disciplining with no Moro

What if there was nobody to interview
Waiting for a player to arrive for an interview after a game (photo Horns Illustrated)

AUSTIN, Texas — Who is coach Sarkisian really disciplining? Last week after a spring practice player media availability, 6’3” 279 lb senior defensive lineman Moro Ojomo openly discussed an issue that should have stayed inside the locker room, according to head coach Steve Sarkisian. As usual like in past interviews, Ojomo answers questions in an articulate and transparent way. 

When asked what he thought of Ojomo’s message of his comments about the team, coach Sarkisian took exception saying, “I thought the forum was really poor. He should not have done that in public.” 

Sarkisian goes on to say that is not how we take care of family business, then continued and said, “That’s the first part.” Placing his hand over his heart, Sarkisian says also, “that’s part of us educating these guys on what that looks like and how to do it.” It will be a teaching moment for Ojomo and the team

Ojomo, being a cerebral player, will likely appreciate the wisdom of his coaches and learn from this situation. In addition to being a fifth-year defensive lineman,Ojomo majors in finance at The University of Texas and was named to the Academic All-Big 12 First Team in 2020 and 2021. After football, he wants to study law in addition to earning an MBA.

In the few player media availabilities since last Aug. 2021, Moro Ojomo stands out as a favorite among the media. After interviews in the past, writers would often comment, “Wow, I could listen to him [Moro] for an hour.” He is thought highly of because of the way he answers questions with such thought and depth, articulated in his unique way.

Sarkisian was asked if he was going to discipline Ojomo, to which Sarkisian quickly interjected saying half-jokingly, half-sarcastically, “Well, he won’t be talking to you guys for a while.” Laughter erupted in the background.

Was Sarkisian sending a different message that was lost in the laughter?

If Sarkisian is going to use this opportunity as an “educational” moment for Ojomo and the team, who is Sarkisian disciplining? Is restricting a player from taking questions from the media a form of discipline? Or, is restricting the media from talking to a player, in this case highly regarded Moro Ojomo, a form of discipline? What happens if there are no players to interview?

Who are the ones getting disciplined? A teaching moment for everyone.

To hear coach Sarkisian discuss the matter, click here

Watch and learn more about Moro Ojomo in what may be his first player media availability on Aug. 16, 2021.

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