Texas Longhorns Baseball In The Dugout with Jack O’Dowd

This is for you Texas Longhorns fans!

Something remarkable happened after Texas became The Big 12 Champs on Saturday as fans were making their way to their cars and out of the park.

We were standing on the field interviewing Eric Kennedy when all of the sudden players started a full on sprint to the corner of left field, screaming. (imagine Braveheart)

Kennedy could see out of the corner of his eye what was happening. He smiled and his body leaned toward his teammates wishing he could escape from the media and join them rushing to left field as fans exited.

The scene was remarkable. Cars honking, fans cheering, and players and fans yelling, 'Thank You!' The team stayed out in left field for what seemed like 10-15 minutes.

Today in the dugout we asked Jack O'Dowd about what the fans mean to this team. #HookEm

@OccupyLFphotos in video from Texas Athletics & Jose Mendez / Horns Illustrated