Texas Longhorns Football – Steve Patterson Looks to Expand to New Markets


The Texas Longhorns new athletic director Steve Patterson wants to grow the Longhorn "brand" outside of Texas. This is Horns country. Texas has the state market wrapped up (sorry A&M, but its true) so it looks like it is time to expand into new markets.

From the Austin American Statesman:

 "Our own Kirk Bohls, who sat down with UT men’s athletic director Steve Patterson and women’s athletic director Chris Plonsky last week, presented Patterson’s vision for Texas’ future today.

(1) Patterson’s interested in playing a football game in Mexico City. Hey, if the Cowboys can do it …

(2) Patterson wants to expand the Longhorn brand into foreign markets, like China."

Mike Dice with Sports Illustrated made a great point on this subject.

"Shuttling college athletes to a foreign country to play is a lot harder than professional players. There is the liability risk for the school taking student-athlets abroad as well, as opposed to the NFL where the players are professionals. Plus, would the athletic department want to give up a home game to play in Mexico."

Question for the fans: Would you like to see Texas play a game in another country? Sound off below.