Texas makes one change to depth chart, Casey Thompson starting quarterback against Rice

Casey Thompson scores against Arkansas, earns starting spot against Rice

AUSTIN, Texas - Coach Sarkisian announced today that Casey Thompson would be the starting quarterback against Rice on Saturday at DKR. Sarkisian also said Hudson Card would also play as Texas will use the same format they have when Card started.

The first question we asked was, "Coach can you walk us through what was the decision and how you got to the point to have Casey come in and start the game?

Sarkisian response, "I think Casey's performed well. The Louisiana game he had three drives, scored 10 points, came in against Arkansas put 14 points on the board. The bottom line is not always about how you execute every play, it's about are you maneuvering the offense down the field to score points and I think Casey [has] put himself in a good position to do that, obviously difference circumstances as opposed to maybe what Hudson was dealing with early in the game, but that's okay, I'm okay with that. I think both guys are competing like crazy and like I've said all along we're gonna need both of them and I think it's fair to Casey to give him this opportunity and we're going to let them go and see what happens."

There were no other changes to the depth chart.

After Sarkisian's press conference, players (Moro Ojomo, D'Shawn Jamison, Bijan Robinson, and Derek Kerstetter) weighed in on Saturday's loss, what they are doing to get past the loss, and how they feel about Casey Thompson starting against Rice.

Every player said it was hard to lose and they are taking the loss and learning from it to improve. They have moved pass Saturday's game and focused on Rice while making sure they correct the mistakes made against Arkansas.

Without question, they all have complete trust in Sarkisian and his staff making whatever changes they do and are fully behind each quarterback no matter who starts.


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